Hypnotherapy to solve and manage behaviors. Any and ALL of them!

Saturday, March 9, 10 am    Oxnard Shores, CA 93035

Learn the difference between hypnosis and hypnoTHERAPY, self-hypnosis and auto-hypnosis and how to use suggestibility, affirmations and visualizations effectively to solve and improve everything from losing weight, succeeding in school or work,managing money, sleep better, anxiety and depression AND MORE!
Presented by a certified CLINICAL hypnotherapist and pioneer in his field, Scott teaches YOU how to change your mind and change your life!

Scott will demonstrate hypnotherapy LIVE with a crowd induction and with a volunteer.
Learn what hypnotherapy can do for you or a family member and what methods work, which ones don’t AND WHY.


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Saturday, February 16, 7 pm

I will be giving a live reading at a Northridge book store, Open Book tonight at 7pm. This is an “open mic” reading: A 13 minute read from my award winning memoir, A Stone’s Throw, 7 poems from upcoming poetry release and finish with a 4 minute read on Pleasure vs Fulfillment from Project Addiction. Sorry for late notice, but this was a sudden invite from the manager to prep for a full author event coming up soon at several of their stores.
Stay Tuned!
978 Tampa Ave, Northridge, CA 91324
Free eBook copies to ALL who attend!
  • My Tour Itinerary:

  • CHANGE YOUR MIND, CHANGE YOUR LIFE* begins in September in various cities of WA including Tacoma (Dash Point), Bellevue and Mason County(Lake Limerick), CA (Los Angeles, San Jose, San Francisco, Sacramento), TX (Austin, Dallas), MI (Detroit, Lansing), GA (Murrietta, Atlanta).

  • Dozens of guest spots on national radio programs

    • Mancow In The Morning (Chicago and entire Tri-State area)

    • Ed Tyll (New York – syndicated nationally)

    • Various broadcasts throughout US (and one in Trinidad!)

  • TV appearances

    • Local broadcasts in CA and WA

  • Author Events/signings (dozens)

    • Barnes and Nobles (various locations in US)

    • Private readings and signings (Seattle, Olympia, Los Angeles, Sacramento)

  • Workshops (Private and for NAMI (National Association of Mental Issues), FA (Family’s Anonymous)

  • Keynote speeches (NAMI, FA)

  • Presentations (Private, NAMI, FA, IANDS [International Association of Near Death Studies)


Most events are posted on my Youtube channel within a few days if you wanna check ’em out.

*My accredited workshop, CHANGE YOUR MIND, CHANGE YOUR LIFE (2 hours):


Whether you want to be a better parent, spouse, lover, student, professional or need to lose weight, get off dope, sleep better, reduce anxiety or depression, Scott’s inspiring and powerful solutions are effective and teach you how to customize the right solution for the right shift in your mind and life.

Part I:

Getting the mind to work FOR you instead of against.

  • SUBconscious: the invisible force that creates and sustains behaviors, habits and addictions.
  • Repetition and Association
  • Pain/Pleasure Principle


A Stone’s Throw—The True Story of a Wreckful Youth

Scott’s memoir has won five awards. A Stone’s Throw is a beautiful, dark and funny adventure through youthful excess of thought, drugs, sex and extraordinary events that border on the supernatural.

Break: (15 minutes)

During the break I will remain available for questions

Part II:

The Eternal Present

Memory, conditioning and breaking free to the future

Training: Visualization, affirmation, self-hypnosis


Fulfillment Vs Pleasure (from Project Addiction)

Break: (15 minutes)

During the break I will remain available for questions

Part III

Training: Creating the Road Map

We will create an actual Road Map for a specific behavior as a template and example. Volunteer to solve yours, or your loved ones, today. This exercise gives first hand training how to customize a method of change for your own strengths and weaknesses.

Living Like Water

(a meditation)


Audience choice!

  • A Stone’s Throw
  • Project Addiction
  • Road Games

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