And I can prove it!


Smoking is NOT physically addicting!

I should know, I’m an addiction expert!

Private practice since 2004, award winning author on the subject with successful clients in 8 countries.


Neither is vaping!

NICOTINE is addictive!
(stay tuned on the Vaping blog post coming up…)


No one in the history of the planet has ever experienced true withdrawals from nicotine.

Every smoker alive has been able to go without a smoke for periods of time either on an airplane or some situation without going into some sort of physical atrophy.

The perceived physical need to smoke is simply a psychological manifestation of the habit.



Who perpetuated the addiction myth? 


Maybe tobacco companies wanting to convince you that you “can’t” quit.

Maybe the medication or nicotine-patch companies; maybe they’re in on it together, I don’t know.

Patches are highly toxic and the new medications are completely ineffective.

If they actually did what they claim they did, they would work for everyone and not merely a few people.


The compulsion to smoke is in your mind, it is not chemical. 



Like all habits, it is created through repetition and association.  The smoker “learned” to smoke habitually through subconscious conditioning.


The way to quit smoking is to “unlearn” the same exact way; by applying the very same mechanical principles that your mind uses to operate all behaviors.

What are those same principles?



Repetition is easy to understand: You do something over and over and you get conditioned to it.

Association is the thought or feeling we associate with an action: donuts “GOOD”

DMV lines “BAD”


We can use the exact same formula your subconscious mind uses to CREATE a habit or behavior to UN-do a habit or behavior!


This is the cognitive strategy part to solve a smoking habit. When we combine this with SUB-conscious influence by using HYPNOTHERAPY we get a solid, virtually failsafe solution to QUIT SMOKING for good!




Turbo boost to change


Many hypnotherapists use a single session method.  I don’t support it.  Too many people return to the habit unless each and every “trigger” is systematically removed and re-associated.


Be sensible:

You learned to smoke gradually, so you need to UN-learn gradually.


A short term, multi-session method is best for the permanent removal of the habit.  Hypnotherapy does not instantly solve a long term behavior.

Only in cheesy movies!

If it did, hypnotherapists would be the wealthiest people on the planet!

If I could instantly solve smoking, drug, weight or any other malady behavior I woulda retires LONG ago!


However, while hypnotherapy isn’t magic-bullet that SOLVES a smoking behavior, it does give a massive rocket-turbo-boost to the strategies and efforts my clients put into the process.


What this means is that they do less and get more.


I didn’t say do NOTHING and get it ALL!

I said do LESS for MORE!

Hypnotherapy makes the impossible possible. It bumps your one mile jog to two; your small willpower to a nuclear force!




Hypnotherapy needs to be used in conjunction with a cognitive strategy that employs suggestibility techniques designed by the hypnotherapist.


Together they offer the one-two punch needed for permanent success.  The strategies used are designed to break down the associations currently running in the subconscious and slowly create new, negative associations with the habit.


My own smoking cessation solution is slightly challenging for the long term, high volume smoker, but it is carefully crafted to SOLVE and BREAK your smoking addiction or habit in EIGHT WEEKS!



An effective cognitive plan can be done with training and strategies right from home.

I do not even need to meet or ever speak to my smoking cessation clients for the 100% success I’ve had.




Remember when I said you learned to smoke gradually so you have to UN-learn it gradually too?

Cold turkey doesn’t work for most smokers.

Because there’s TWO kinds of smokers.





Everyone falls into one of two smoker categories:

Replacement Smokers vs Conditioned Smokers.

We need to apply the RIGHT stop-smoking strategy solution to the right smoking behavior for it to work.

You don’t fix your leaky pipe with a hammer and you don’t pound nails with your wrench!

The right tool for the right job is essential for success.






Replacement smokers are smokers who began smoking as a coping mechanism.

Their dog ran away, they lost some money, had a car accident or suffer from some form of loss. Smoking becomes a coping mechanism to replace the comfort or joy once felt by the thing we lost.

Replacement smokers require a different stop-smoking plan than conditioned smokers.

If you are a replacement smoker, please stay tuned for the next blog on that particular treatment.

You CANNOT apply a regular, habitual smoker cessation plan to a replacement behavior!


But there’s GOOD NEWS!

I am trained in both and have developed a smoking cessation plan for each, so read on and just pick the right one after.

In my personal (and professional) opinion, replacement smokers are a bit more challenging. However, most smokers are NOT replacement smokers and I am WELL VERSED in solving replacement smoking too.

On to the next category:





A conditioned smoker is a habitual smoker.


They learned the smoking habit gradually over time.

No one picked up a pack and launched into 20 cancer sticks a day on day-one.


They started slow and it got more over time.

One of my trademark slogans here at Life-Mind is,

“By the time you realize you HAVE a bad habit or addiction—you’ve had it a long time!”


This means the behavior is deeply etched into your body, mind and even your own spirit—it’s become a part of your identity and personality.


Now, let’s be logical: since you LEARNED this bad, smelly habit gradually, you better UN-learn it gradually!



Because your subconscious mind’s job is to protect any and all behaviors YOU taught it. Which ties into my other famous self-quotable Life-Mind axiom:

“If change were as easy as making up our minds, we’d all be perfect!”


You NEED to get your SUBconscious mind on board with changing a behavior for change to work.

Your CONSCIOUS mind ain’t enough!


As a worldwide expert and award-winning author on habits and addictions I teach you how to change your mind to change your life!


By NEW repetition and RE-associating a behavior within the SUBconscious mind we get the permanent results we aim for.





Using suggestibility to RE-condition your mind’s perception of the smoking behavior combined with a gradual, effective cognitive strategy solves the behavior.


Through a subconscious process a negative association with smoking replaces your current positive one.

You consciously know that smoking is negative; but your SUBconscious is still protecting this notion that it’s positive—not negative.


Hypnotherapy then supports and reinforces these NEW negarive associations so the subconscious will accept them more easily and without resistance.

Your smoking cessation solution must go the SOURCE of where your smoking behavior is stored:

Within your very own subconscious mind.


Smoking is toxic, disgusting, expensive and a killer.


I should know:

I’m also an ex-smoker!


Scott Spackey is a Certified Life-Coach Hypnotherapist, Bio-Feedback Technician & Certified Addiction Treatment Counselor Specialist & Interventionist.


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