A Synthesis of:



Sacred Geometry



This system of Divination provides a blueprint of your life, from birth to 81 years old.

The number vibrations are arrived through your name and birthdate which are unique to you alone.

Your number vibrations align to specific expressions within the Tarot and Astrology and I personally discovered it also aligned with hexagrams of the I-Ching.

A divining system can be used to anticipate events, mentalities and stages of consciousness which can be used to evolve and develop our potential to higher octaves.

The MAJOR process is the vibrations of your Life-Lesson (what you’ve incarnated to learn), Soul (your introverted self-mind), your Outer Personality (how you “present” your spirit to the world) and your Destiny (the “legacy” or imprint you can make on life).

The MINOR process is each line on the blueprint representing nine year cycles of our lives.

Each 27 year block represents a phase of life (0-27 Youth, 27-54 Power, 54-81 Wisdom). I feel it is best to “show” not “tell”, so please review my own Divine Triangle blueprint reading for a sample.


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A comprehensive blog-vlog-video course with A to Z instructions towards ENLIGHTENMENT and SPIRITUAL REALIZATION.

As many of you know, I am a master theologian, alchemist, ceremonial magician and practice the essence of all paths towards spiritual enlightenment.

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Here is a sample of my own Divine Triangle blueprint, with an edited version of the elaboration. The full reading is thirteen pages. Yours will be between 6-12. Each blueprint reading varies due to the age and content of their events and lives. I’m pretty thorough once I get in the zone!

Please note the “significant event” marked with the “X” at the end of my first name. The Divine Triangle blueprint shows this taking place around my 45th year.  My life-changing Near Death Experience was at 48. I am also posting the vibration-readings for both my dying day (6-19-2013) and my resurrection day (6-28-2013). I’ve had the remarkable experience of reincarnating as MYSELF on my same birthday. Here is just the short-summary reading, More to come…

Divine Triangle sample

This sample is of my own reading in 2003. I update it annually and whenever there is a desire for psychic perspective.

I was killed on June 19, 2013.

My soul remained out of my body for nine days “earth time” (a coma). My soul was “on the other side” while it waited to re-enter my physical body. My mind was attached to my soul, making me aware of my experience within what I have come to call, “The Portal”; a timeless, spaceless dimension. If you look at my blueprint you will see an “X” at the juncture of my 45th year because it is where my first name ends and middle begins. Significant events occur between the end of the first name and start of the middle. Last names are NOT used as they are “surnames”. 

Let’s look at both my death-day and follow with my resurrection day.

My Near Death Experience (NDE) has been intense. My memory was deleted and for four years I barely knew who I was. I have suffered tremndous loss and doing all I can to live up to the medical miracle I became by being in the 10% of people who survive my brand of brain injury.

My soul returned to my body NINE days later, ON MY BIRTHDAY!

The nine is always significant as the nine is an ending cycle (0,1,2,3…9 and then the higher octaves of number vibrations are expressed as double digits).
Having the same “birth name” I had to re-enter on my own birthday too. I reincarnated as myself!

Here is the general summary reading of my resurrection day.

I have been re-experiencing my karmas with easy ability to transcend them as I already paid their “debts”. Any karmic debts I learned and paid have been small occurrences and not life-changing. Example:I had to learn how to walk and talk but did so quickly. In my first life as “ME”, i became attached to drugs for many years. In this second incarnation as “ME” I easily passed over the notion or temptations of drug use without any effort: I had triumphed past the drug tendencies in the first “me” life!

Time and discretion prevents me from providing too much detail and it is best for you to review and “feel” your way with intuition than to understand purely academically.

These samples are provided merely to help you gain confidence in this divination system.

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