It’s sad when those who reach out for help for themselves or their children are taken advantage of by “professionals” who are unqualified, inexperienced or straight-up con-artists who take advantage of those who are desperate and ignorant as to what can really help them.

Many treatment processes can cost thousands of dollars and by the time a family figures out their bogus it’s too late.


The Drake Institute has been promoting a bio-feedback process and other techniques for years to treat A.D.D. in kids and adults and anxiety disorders that has been very lucrative for them and a total goose-egg for their clients.

Some organizations pray on the vulnerable and have a really great sales pitch sounding very effective and technical, but it is like the emperor’s new clothes—an illusion only perceived by the creator and an impressionable mind.  One method costing thousands of dollars involved a package of stickers to apply a “dot” to everything that causes you worry to “identify and neutralize” it.


This is infantile and ineffective to say nothing of all sorts of electrodes and earphone sounds that are supposed to rearrange brain waves.

Don’t get me wrong—I offer biofeedback as a service too and think it’s an effective, profound tool. Difference is mine is straight up simple, inexpensive and GETS THE JOB DONE.

It’s a small unit from Heartmath and I’m an expert with it. Even conducting biofeedback sessions with clients outta state.



Folks, if you want to change and minimize A.D.D., depression, anxiety or relationships, be careful and remember that if something sounds too good to be true, it is.

A real helping professional does not require long term contracts or down payments—we work with clients week to week and the results are evident.  If you are not seeing results you should be able to stop and move-on.  Not only should there be a scientific explanation of the method or treatment your professional is using with you, it should be something that is understandable.

A professional who truly knows his craft can make his methods accessible to you in “layman’s” terms.  You should be able to understand the logic in how it will work as well as experience observable results immediately in most cases, or very quickly in ALL cases.

A talented, versatile helping professional doesn’t rely or even consider on meds until exhausting ALL cognitive options! And even then in low doses and for a limited time!



I am fascinated and passionate about how the mind works and functions and how to create change.

As a result, I can explain, in detail, how my methods work and show results.

Please be careful when selecting someone to help you by interviewing them THOROUGHLY.  It is painful to hear the horror stories of those who had the misfortune to work with underqualified, degreed, but inexperienced by life, “professionals“.

If your training came from college textbooks more than life then go get an hourly pay job please! Get outta the way!





This is why I have spent the last year converting my innovative helping methods to online video-audio-text courses for YOU.


I still see clients in private practice via skype, phone or in person from around the world, but the video courses give it ALL to you for pennies to the dollar and are accessible as you want and need them. AND GAURANTEED!



ADD/ADHD is Attention Deficit Disorder and can be a debilitating condition that is the most misdiagnosed and overmedicated disorder on the planet!

It’s a fact!

ADD/ADHD is widely misunderstood and it used to be believed that it disappeared by adulthood.  But it is now known that many adults can be diagnosed with ADD/ADHD.

But how, why are so many kids diagnosed with this and medicated with amphetamines!

Because they’re hyper?

Have trouble focusing?


Those qualities are SYNONYMOUS with being a “kid”!

That’s not a disorder!

That’s childhood!

Don’t get me wrong, the kid in the next seat might be mellow and calm. But that’s not healthy either!

A child being lethargic and calm has trouble succeeding too!

So, our medical and drug empire has an answer to that too: anti-depressants and mood “stabilizers”.

Holy hell!

I’ll address THAT in another blog!




ADD/ADHD is the inability to maintain attention on specific tasks for very long.  It is characterized by certain symptoms:

  • Difficulty in concentration, focus and attention
  • Physical restlessness (hyperactive)
  • Mental restlessness (fleeting thoughts)
  • Impulsivity (acting or speaking without thinking things through)
  • Mood variability (moody, temperamental, changing moods frequently and abruptly)
  • Difficulty with organization


These symptoms often lead to anxiety, depression and low self-esteem.  However, just because someone has one or many of these symptoms it does not mean they are ADD/ADHD.


Diagnosing ADD/ADHD can be very difficult since this condition is highly elusive and many in the mental health field do not even acknowledge it exists (yet are willing to profit from it.  I recently heard of a client paying up to $6,000 just to be tested for ADD/ADHD.  Consumers beware! I tested them in FIFTEEN minutes during our session).




The current and most modern view of ADD/ADHD is that it is not a “disorder” at all, but is actually just a different style of “brain wiring”.

This is correct!

I teach ADD/ADHD’ers how to adjust, NOT change!

This is why my online courses are not just in text or audio but video too!

To FIT your learning style!

People who have the above described symptoms are also often very creative, imaginative, sensitive and loyal.  Once trained in methods that help them to work around the negative aspects of ADD/ADHD, these individuals can become highly productive.




Often, the difficulties that come with ADD/ADHD like symptoms can weaken someone’s self-esteem and confidence.

But with proper understanding and strategic learning, self-esteem is quickly repaired and confidence becomes strong and the individual soon feels empowered more than ever and can even be tempted to be an overachiever, rather than afraid to achieve at all.


Hypnotherapy has proven to be a highly effective method of treatment for the symptoms that are associated with ADD/ADHD.

The efficacy of Hypnotherapy to increase focus, concentration, confidence, feeling calm, reducing anxiety and depression and regulate moods and become better organized has been well documented.

If you would like to know more about this or any other area of improvement for your life, you can call a qualified, certified, clinical Hypnotherapist to explain how safe, positive and relaxing hypnosis can be.



I emphasize the CLINICAL and CERTIFIED credentials!


My own hypnotherapy training and certification was at HMI—the ONLY certified college of hypnotherapy and it required far more training and skill to attain the clinical abilities and certification.


Hypnotherapy is different than hypnosis and I can (and do!) conduct hypnotherapy with my long-distance clients.

I’m a bit of an Ericksonian in my method and style; providing suggestibility techniques during cognitive session work as well.

(Erickson was the guy Fraud was jealous of with his innate talent and profound hypnosis abilities. He was a genius!)


All of my online-video-courses for improvement include BOTH:

Cognitive training AND suggestibility work (hypnotherapy).


If hypnotherapy scares you can

  1. Watch and review the hypnotherapy video and page
  2. Skip it in your video course! It’s not required!




I am sad and often a bit angry at the rampant misdiagnosis and overprescribing of meds from helping professionals who are a BIG part of the problem and NOT a part of the Solution!


Be careful be smart and realize, we live in an online, digital age now which gives us access to sooo much more than what’s local!


My innovative methods are global now. And a lot of very qualified professionals are accessible via video and remote.

Yes… there’s some bad ones there too, same as everywhere.

And this is why my blog posts and my entire career is geared to EMPOWER YOU with knowledge to make the right selections and change your mind and change your life.

So, again…

Be careful.

Be smart.




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