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Tobacco is a drug.  Make no mistake out about it.  It’s typically not perceived as one, but it is.  Approximately 45 million Americans smoke cigarettes and smoking-related health issues and deaths are over 600,000 annually.  An estimated 1.3 billion smokers worldwide. It seems common knowledge that smoking is rampant and detrimental to health so we won’t use a lot of space and time elaborating on this obvious health issue.  It’s stupid and dangerous and everyone needs to stop. Let’s talk about quitting!

Life-Mind’s Smoking Solution is a six week stop smoking solution. Follow this plan precisely as it is given to you and smoking stops!

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LifeMind’s Smoking Solution is based on John Kappas’ Smoking Cessation Hypnosis program.  It is brilliant, genius and flawless and I have 100% success with every client I’ve applied it to so long as they followed each instruction. I have improved HMI’s smoking cessation program with my own engineered strategies and hypnotherapy formulas.

Hypnotherapy sessions are included with your Life-Mind Smoking Solution.

Applying hypnotic suggestion to reinforce the subconscious conditioning is highly recommended, but it is not required to succeed with the Life-Mind Smoking Solution. It is encouraged, and I feel it strongly enhances your commitment and eases the transition from smoking to non-smoking.

I do NOT recommend hypnosis without the plan (if you want to know more about hypnotherapy itself watch the hypnotherapy video).  There are a ton of quit smoking hypnosis plans you can buy or go to. I have reviewed many of them and found they all lack an essential feature: a cognizant plan, i.e. a strategy, to go with it.

Only about 20% of the population is suggestible enough to benefit from “literal” suggestion hypnosis without a strategy.   It is near impossible to know in advance if you are part of the small, 20% population who can have a single or small number of hypnotherapy sessions that will resolve the issue. Life-Mind Smoking Solution costs less and provides you with BOTH: a successfully effective strategy AND powerful hypnotherapy with a clinically certified hypnotherapist from Hypnosis Motivation Institute (HMI), the only nationally accredited hypnotherapy college.

Scott A Spackey is a member of the AHA, the American Hypnotherapy Association.


Is Smoking Addictive?

It is possible that the tobacco industry has helped perpetuate this concept of smoking being addicting as a crude form of hypnotic suggestion.  If you’re convinced you’re physically addicted then you will continue to spend money on their product and persist past rational reasons to quit, thinking you “can’t”.

I’ve worked with so many folks convinced they CANNOT stop due to the physiological/physical addiction.  Let me dispel that right here:  If tobacco could cause physical dependence it would do this to EVERYONE who smokes, not just a portion of smokers.  Even though a heavy smoker experiences discomfort when unable to smoke for a period of time, they do not get “withdrawals” as we know them.  “Withdrawal” from tobacco effects some but not others, while Heroin withdrawal affects ALL heroin users.  If physical withdrawal is actual, it cannot be selective.  And hundreds of accounts reveal that acute withdrawal is not a universal smoker-experience.

“Smoking withdrawal symptoms… are irritability, anxiety, and difficulty concentrating. Depression and insomnia are the least common.” Wikipedia

I smoked for years in my youth, through my twenties, and into my mid-thirties. Quitting was challenging, but I never had cramps, seizures or any physical issues. It is well documented that nicotine withdrawals are psychological, NOT physical.

When a smoker is abstinent from smoking they feel physically better, not worse.  Their lungs and other tissues and organs are relieved and no organ in the human body atrophies as a result of smoking cessation. The only discomfort they experience is due to their body purging out smoking toxins—not withdrawals!

Mental or emotional dependencies form and manifest with ANY repeated/associated behavior, not just tobacco. So, smoking addiction is psychosomatic; it’s all in the mind!   Yes… you “can” quit. LET’S LEARN HOW! 

There are 2 types of smokers: Habitual and Replacement.

The Habitual smoker became one by the repetition/association process which is how ALL learned behaviors are formed.

The “replacement” smoker became a smoker due to a perceived loss: Their dog ran away or died or a partner broke up with them or divorced; something traumatic occurred and smoking became a subconscious way of compensating for the loss.

Life-Mind Smoking Solution treats both! They each require a different Solution, which is why just any smoking cessation plan isn’t good enough. It has to be the right Solution for the right behavior!

Once you complete the Life-Mind Solution Evaluator, your Solution will be customized to your needs.

Many people look over the Life-Mind Smoking Solution and think, “That’s way too simple. Way too easy. It can’t work.” I can assure you that looking at it on paper takes just a few minutes and gives a false impression. This will NOT be easy and by week three or four it will take real commitment and effort and this is where many will drop-out. They will quit-quitting!

I give you this reminder to draw from when you get to that giving up crossroads: I told you this was going to be hard. I told you that the drop-outs drop-out around week 3-4. I’m also reminding you that this is merely SIX WEEKS OF YOUR ENTIRE LIFE! It is not eternity. Complete these measly little six weeks out of your decades of living. If you complete the Life-Mind Smoking Solution and still want to smoke, don’t worry. You can go back to smoking the same as before or ten times more. At the end of six weeks, you can start a cigarette cult or join one. Six weeks is just a blip of time! Do you wanna say this Solution doesn’t work? That it’s bullshit? Ok, but to say it justifiably, you gotta complete it first. If you do it as instructed for the six weeks and stay smoking, then you can call bullsh*t, but NOT until then. You complete the Solution and keep smoking as before and I will buy you a carton. With today’s prices, that’s about $39!

Consider that another motivation to become a non-smoker: your average smoker goes through 3.5 packs a week, averaging $21 per week, nearly $100 a month, $1200 a year. You can buy a five day stay in Hawaii for that money, including roundtrip airfare, accommodations, meals and a car to drive! FOR TWO!!!!

Quit anytime you want and your success is GUARANTEED. My six-week Smoking Solution used to be $810 when I saw people live in my LA office. The whole six weeks will cost you only $39, That’s like three cartons of cigarettes. Pretty worth it!

$99 Only $69 for a Limited Time!

Life-Mind’s Smoking Solution is Guaranteed!

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