You don’t need medications or gadgets to learn how to sleep well and SOLVE sleep issues PERMANENTLY!

What you need is proper Sleep-Training, Sleep-Hygiene and Hypnotherapy.

So how important is sleep, anyway?  20% of all Americans have some sort of sleep problem.  Even minor sleep issues can rob us of our productivity and enjoyment of life by small degrees which can add up to larger problems down the line.


By understanding what happens when we sleep, we can see what can happen when we don’t do it properly.

Knowledge is Power here at Life-Mind, so let’s get our knowledge on!




There are 5 stages of sleep.  Stages 1 & 2 are transitional stages from waking consciousness to unconsciousness where we are easily aroused.


The magic begins during Stages 3 & 4; Delta (slow brain-wave) sleep.  During these stages the mind is fully unconscious and we experience full motor inhibition (disconnect between mind/body).  The body burns calories like it was working out, metabolizes at a high rate and promotes healing throughout the physical system.



These stages are essential to good health.


In Stage 5 we experience REM (Rapid Eye Movement) sleep, where things get truly interesting.

This is when we dream.

Our minds are more active during REM sleep than if we were concentrating on a calculus problem!

Dreams are essential to our mental health; they are the process by which our mind vents out all the unwanted information and stress/worry concerns that are clogging up the system.



In other words, if you don’t DREAM properly, you don’t REST properly!

A high quantity of sleep is useless without proper dreaming.

While we ALL dream when we in REM sleep, the content, quality and volume of dreaming is vital to feeling well rested upon waking.


Improper dreaming is like washing only half the dishes or taking out half your trash!


We want and need to vent out ALL the cluttering “message units” in our heads.

Message units are the thoughts, worries, concerns and data that stores into our mind throughout our wakeful hours.

Everything from an overdue bill, an upcoming test in school, or trivial things like a commercial jingle stuck in your head.


Too many message units clogs up the works.

And dreaming vents out those message units so we can wake feeling clear and ready.


A good—no the only—sleep programs that actually work get you dreaming properly.

I have found no more effective tool for this than hypnotherapy COMBINED with the sleep-training and sleep-hygiene strategies I teach my clients.



How do you know if you are sleeping properly? 


If you lack Delta sleep, you may feel daytime tiredness, have a desire to take naps, reluctance to get up in the morning, higher stress and sluggishness.


If you lack REM sleep, you are much more vulnerable to stress, have higher emotions, less patience and are quicker to anger and feel overwhelmed.


It is vital to treat your particular brand of sleep issue with the right strategy and solution.

Applying the right strategy to the wrong issue makes it WORSE, not better.


It took me quite awhile to develop a sleep solution that simultaneously treats both at the same time!



TO SLEEP, OR NOT TO SLEEP… That… is the question!


Without proper sleep, our quality of life is soon diminished.

Whatever level of efficacy you’re functioning at now—even if it’s a high one—will be even higher with PROPER sleep.

Not just MORE sleep.


Proper is not more. You will require less quantity of sleep if the sleep you get is quality.


Haven’t we all woke from what seems like a good 6-8 hour rest and felt unrested?

Just because you were asleep for the right amount of time, doesn’t mean you got the equal quality.

I function BEST after 6 hours of solid sleep with proper dreaming.

More than seven and I get a sleep hangover—a little foggy and lethargic.

But any less; like 5 hours and fifty-nine minutes and I’m foggy by mid day.





Sleep-Training sounds a bit too simple, right?

As if we need to train how to sleep. As if, once asleep, we need to do things.


Sleep-Training is what a specialist teaches you to be able to allow sleep to occur and to remain asleep though the night.

While it’s easy to Google sleep training and get a bunch of info and videos (such as my blogs and vlogs on youtube), the Sleep-Training we need should be somewhat customized to us.


We ALL function differently and with PROPER Sleep-Training we can customize our Sleep Solution to our own type of sleep issues and needs.


This why my Sleep Solution is money back guaranteed. Because it is so effective in TRAINING you to sleep well and enhances it with hypnotherapy that syncs along with your particular type of suggestibility.

All this and I don’t even need to meet you!

YOU don’t have to fit to it cuz it’s subtle and fits to you.



Why not get, and be, the most in life? 


Here are some Sleep Hygiene tips:

  • Avoid bright light several hours before bed (especially computer screens!)
  • Condition yourself to go to bed at a proper hour
  • Avoid sugars and too much liquid in evenings
  • Have only one coffee or tea in the a.m. and no more
  • See a sleep specialist to check for apnea or other issues
  • Alcohol has unique effects on sleep. Learn more on THAT topic in the Project Addiction Solution.


That’ll get you started, but as you can probably guess, I’m not giving away the store!

There are not only many other vital aspects to the training, but also nuances to those provided.

No one… not Google Chrome, this blog, or anyone else is going to give you the truly effective stuff for free.

I paid time and money to become a sleep expert so YOU DON’T HAVE TO!

Chump change to change your mind, change your life.





A single session of Hypnotherapy can get you sleeping and dreaming effectively.  Hypnotherapy is a quick and effective way to get you back on track and, of course, when combined with Sleep-Training and Sleep Hygiene you improve any area in your life you can dream of.


Sleep-training and Sleep-Hygiene are the magic bullets to solve sleep issues.

They’re natural, organic, effective and don’t cost a thing beyond learning them properly.

No meds.

No Dr’s.



Eliminate stress, feel better, change your mind and change your life.

Contact today for a free consultation or go right to the FREE week of your Sleep-Solution and try it.

No risk.

Not a problem.



ScottSpackey is Sleep Specialist, a Certified Clinical Hypnotherapist and State Certified Counselor at Life-Mind 





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