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So how important is sleep, anyway?  70 million Americans have some sort of sleep disorder, sleep issue or sleep problem.  Even minor sleep issues can rob us of our productivity and enjoyment of life by small degrees which can add up to larger problems down the line.  A busy person looks at sleep as a hindrance to success, a luxury to be indulged in on the weekends.

But sleep is critical.  Sleep is not something to be gotten out of the way like getting gas or stopping at the bank.  Without proper sleep, success is not only limited, but your happiness, and your mental and physical health is in jeopardy too.

There are a lot of expensive gadgets, gimmicks and sleep study centers, but the gadgets DON’T work, and you don’t need a sleep study to know if you’re perpetually tired and have a sleep problem.  What is required is something the specialist’s call “sleep hygiene”.  Sleep Hygiene is the set of routines and rituals that “train” you how to sleep properly.  The real sleep experts (and I’m one of them), know that the only way to overcome sleep issues is to learn how to sleep properly and train your body and mind to do it right. This guaranteed sleep problem solution gives you premium sleep training and sleep hygiene.  

This is easily done and the results are permanent, unlike pricey gadgets that monitor and soothe, but offer nothing real or lasting.

With proper training (and the use of Life-Mind’s hypnotherapy option) you can train your mind and body to sleep correctly.  I’ve personally helped dozens of individuals who were “hopeless cases” who had tried “everything”.

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Here’s a few tips on sleep hygiene to get you started:

  • Avoid bright light several hours before bed (especially computer screens!)
  • Condition yourself to go to bed and to get up at the same time, every night
  • Avoid sugars, alcohol and too much liquid in evenings
  • Have only one coffee or tea in the a.m.

A single session of Hypnotherapy for sleep can get you sleeping and dreaming more effectively.

Life-Mind Sleep Solution includes:

  • Life-Mind Solution Evaluator for sleep*
  • Sleep hygiene training
  • Monitoring (evaluations to determine quality/quantity of sleep)
  • Hypnotherapy (option)
  • Scott’s weekly instructions, advice, counsel and hypnotherapy are all INCLUDED in your Solution! As always, LIVE sessions with Scott are an option too.

*The Life-Mind Evaluator for sleep will be used to determine the specifics for your Solution. Each person needs different amounts of sleep to function at their best. I require SIX. Any less and I’m not thinking well the next day, BUT, any amount over 7 hours and I feel lazy and tired. That’s called a paradoxical effect. Each person has different n timing needs as well. My girlfriend needs 8-10. My son needs… well, he’s in his early 20s so he needs a LOT more than life allows! Do you work early mornings? Do you have class only in the afternoons? Do you work a “graveyard” shift, night job? Your Life-Mind Evaluator will determine and help to set your circadian rhythm, the right sleep times and patterns that are healthy for YOU. CRSDs (Circadian Rhythm Sleep Disorders) are the most common type of sleep disorders. They’re also the easiest to correct if you know how!

So how important is sleep, anyway?  20% of all Americans have some sort of sleep problem.  Even minor sleep disorders and issues can rob us of our productivity and enjoyment of life by small degrees which can add up to larger problems down the line.  By understanding what happens when we sleep, we can see what can happen when we don’t do it properly.

There are 5 stages of sleep.  Stages 1 & 2 are transitional stages from waking consciousness to unconsciousness where we are easily aroused.  The magic begins during Stages 3 & 4; Delta (slow brain-wave) sleep.  During these stages the mind is fully unconscious and we experience full motor inhibition (disconnect between mind/body).  The body burns calories like it was working out, metabolizes at a high rate and promotes healing throughout the physical system.  These stages are essential to good health.  In Stage 5 we experience REM (Rapid Eye Movement) sleep, where things get truly interesting.  This is when we dream.  Our minds are more active during REM sleep than if we were concentrating on a calculus problem!  Dreams are essential to our mental health; they are the process by which our mind vents out all the unwanted information and stress/worry concerns that are clogging up the system.

How do you know if you are sleeping properly?

If you lack Delta sleep, you may feel daytime tiredness, have a desire to take naps, reluctance to get up in the morning, higher stress and sluggishness.  If you lack REM sleep, you are much more vulnerable to stress, have higher emotions, less patience and are quicker to anger and feel overwhelmed.

Without proper sleep, our quality of life is soon diminished.  Why not get, and be, the most in life? LEARN TO SLEEP BETTER. LEARN TO SLEEP WELL! LEARN TO SLEEP!

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