“Who in the world am I? Ah, that’s the great puzzle.”
― Lewis CarrollAlice in Wonderland

join me for a live presentation on the seven levels of the addiction experience.

Treating the wrong type of addiction the wrong way will make it WORSE not better!

It is vital to understand the varying expressions of addiction. The cookie-cutter, one-size-fits-all treatments of the Recovery Empire have a LOWER THAN 9% SUCCESS RATE!

I’m Scott Spackey. An ex shoot em up dope fiend who got clean on his own and has provided private counseling since 2004. I have innovated the seven manifestations of addiction and the three phases of recovery that save lives when no one else could with hundreds of families in the US and in five countries of the EU.


In this live presentation you will learn the seven ways addiction is experienced and how to determine which one yours, or someone you care about, actually is.

Treating the wrong type of addiction the wrong way will make it WORSE not better!

An addict is anyone who has a self-destructive, compulsory behavior driven by the Pleasure-Principle of the subconscious mind. 

This includes drugs, alcohol, shopping, gambling, sex and any behavior that someone can participate in. 

It is different than other compulsory behaviors like O.C.D. because OCD is driven by a rogue mind whose only goal is to avoid the discomfort of not performing the behavior.  OCD thinks on its own, quite distinct from logic, reason or reality and it “appears” out of nowhere, whereas an addiction is driven by the need to experience a pleasure previously identified and registered. 



We all have some consensus of who or what an addict is, yet addiction is so pervasive and common in our culture that very little time is spent on truly classifying or defining it.  There are varying degrees and stages of addiction as it progresses.

True addiction is defined by qualifications and traits that, contrary to urban belief, do not automatically include everyone who abuses drugs.

There are Non-Addicts who are immune to addiction, while others are born with an addictive trait that is inherent in them (predisposition).

This presentation provides a measuring and evaluation tool by defining and detailing the spectrum of the addiction experience. 

No matter which addiction-category you find yourself, or a loved one in, there is no way to definitively determine someone’s status overall:

The “Moderate” or “Recreational” user could be an “addictive personality” in dormancy.

Knowledge is power and therefore, the usefulness of the knowledge will make itself evident to each person.




This section is not about an addiction’s genesis or “cause”; it is about the varying expressions and manifestations of it.

There are 7 expressions and manifestations of drug abuse:

  • Non-Addict
  1. Recreational
  2. Moderate
  3. Habitual
  4. Dependent
  5. Compulsory
  6. Addictive Disorder (AD)
  7. Addictive Personality Disorder (APD)


Each one is different and driven by progressively more intense reasons.  Each progressive stage contains the seeds of the stages before it as well as its own particular qualities.  Like the volume knob of a stereo, the highly, intense sound level of “10” contains all the amplitudes of levels 1-9 and adds another level of decibels to them to make it to 10.  “10” does not exist independently without first being progressed through the prior stages.


Join me for a live presentation to explore these seven expressions of addictive behaviors.

From alcohol to ecstasy, shopping to sex, gambling to gaming.

I’ll be live and you will be able to ask any questions during my talk.

Save yourself.

Save someone you care about.

Don’t be a part of the problem.




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