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Hypnotherapy Vs Medication

Hypnosis & Therapy Vs. Meds?   Hypnotherapy is often more effective than medications and non-toxic. Let's see how and why this holds up to hard science. Pharmaceutical companies spend billons of dollars convincing people to use medication rather than learn...

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How to STOP Self-Defeat and Negativity

STOP SELF-DEFEATING THOUGHTS & BEHAVIORS   Sometimes there seems to be some unseen force, some undetectable presence which blocks our ability to succeed at things.  Whether we are trying to shed a few pounds, stop a bad habit or rid ourselves of underlying...

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How to win the war on Gaming

Gaming can be healthy IF IT’S DONE IN MODERATION. Gaming is now one of the most common sources of conflict between parents and kids, especially sons and moms! The kids (a relative term since many of them are in their 20s) insist the parents just DON’T GET IT! That...

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Slackers! Adult Children Who Need to Grow Up!

SLACKERS: ADULT CHILDREN WHO NEED TO GROW UP   I get about a dozen cases a year: Adult children who seem directionless, lazy and unmotivated brought to me by parents who are fed up.  Typically, by the time I meet them, the parents are out of patience.  They are...

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Confidence: What is it and how do I get it?

CONFIDENCE: WHAT IS IT AND HOW DO I GET IT?   Whether we want to make more friends, excel in our career or find true love, confidence has a key role in success.  So many people struggle with social anxiety, "being themselves" and relaxing enough to "close the...

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