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“But,” said Alice, “the world has absolutely no sense, who’s stopping us from inventing one?”
― Lewis Carroll, Alice in Wonderland 

I learned a long time ago how to be right all the time:

 just don’t talk about stuff you’re wrong about!


Should you heed the advice and information here and proceed with caution

you may have some interesting experiences that may compliment and contribute to your growth,


and evolution of consciousness.


But remember this summation of my own experiences:

Drugs were an unnecessary detour. 


I do not “regret” them.

Hell, I make my living off them

(counseling and writing, not dealing!).


I now know I never needed them to explore my own vistas of consciousness.

I know I could have bypassed them to higher knowledge as the highest knowledge and truths I now find have nothing to do with drugs and are not reliant or dependent on them in any way.


The most I can say about my involvement with drugs is this:

I am grateful for them.


Grateful for the good times,

grateful for the nudges into the philosophical

and mystical paradigms of thought

and grateful I can now help liberate people from their trappings.


  • I am grateful I have made a good living for many years as a counselor, speaker and author on the subject.

My involvement with drugs,

combined with a slightly better than average gift for thinking,


insight and


has made me an expert

and therefore earned me some well-needed means of support for me and my family.


  • I am grateful to drugs for playing a role in my search for ultimate truths.

While my need for truth and absolutes was innate,

it was my relationship with drugs that gave me evidence of them and reinforced my search when I may have given up through laziness or exhaustion. 

I always suspected there was something more to reality than what I perceived with my 5 senses. 

Drugs proved that to me and,

because of that evidence,

I pressed on. 



it is apparent,

that many of my associates who are on similar paths of conscious evolution

but are at more advanced stages of enlightenment than I,

did not get there through drugs.


They skipped it and were led where they are by forces much more spiritual and not so artificial.


And there’s a lot of them.  

And I feel like I missed out.


I no longer need drugs to pave my way or illuminate the path I travel towards enlightenment and I now realize I never did need them.

Drugs were integral for me due to my ignorance and stubbornness.

Being unwilling to see the truth any other way I required artificial insights to get me going.




For this project I briefly came “out of retirement” for you.

Many of today’s drugs were not around when I was using and others I simply never got around to trying

(Hah! Very few!).


I have broken long term sobriety from narcotics to give you my first-hand account and insights of a few of these drugs.


I have put myself at great risk and I hope you appreciate it.


I cannot lie and say I did not enjoy some of the revisiting with drugs,

but much of it was done purely for authenticity and to deliver a personal,

high quality product in this text,

and much of it was unpleasant and even scary.


I knew as I began,

and my loving partner supported me along the way,

that I could get lost and descend into drug abuse for years again, losing everything before it was regained.


I am an addict,

and that is no lie or exaggeration.


But while I never thought I “handled” drugs better than anyone else,

I have somehow been quite exceptional at getting free from them and landing on my feet;

strong and healthy.


Some people can swallow swords and juggle or be athletes:

and I can do this.

Go with your talents, right?


I knew the only way to bring you something of quality was to immerse myself into the experience,

Morgan Spurlock like,

and give you the straight dope.


YOU… do not want some second-hand account.

You want an expert’s take and you’re getting one. 

YOU… would not trust my advice or insights if you knew I was giving you theoretical accounts.

YOU… deserve to know the truth and I would never consider giving anything less.


What kind of psychonaut would I be if I wasn’t willing to prepare,


become informed

and then have the balls to make the leap down the straight vertical side?


If you’re going to make that jump based on anything I’ve said,

I better have made it first.


If you’re willing to trust my counsel and not jump at all,

it will only be because you trusted me when I told you,

“don’t jump”,




don’t jump!


Happy trails!

Are you ready…?

We’re about to begin the real meat of Project Addiction Solution! Next blog post: WHAT IS ADDICTION?


We’re gonna get a little scientific, philosophical, emotional and spiritual as we journey into the depths of this rabbit hole.

Learn what it TRULY is, not from a college clinician but an educated, intellectual, ex-dope-fiend!


As Jefferson Airplane sang in 1967: “Remember what the dormouse said: Feed your head! Feed your head!”

Knowledge is Power!

See you in the next one!

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