New Year, New Challenges

What are your goals? Don’t be vague or too general. Be specific. If you do not have a clear understanding of your goals then they cannot be reached. We need more than a clear understanding. We need a strategy, a roadmap, if we are to make it from where and who we are today to where and who we want to be next or someday. A very common mistake in human experience and thinking is to think we are clear on a goal, but to be missing the truly essential components to reach them.
We need clarity and strategy if we want to do it all; lose weight, create a business, excel at work, better parenting, get fit, get smarter

, you name it. We deserve and require clarity and strategy if we are to go through the proper processes to succeed and to attain.

If we are going to bake a cake or fix a car than we will follow a recipe with detailed instructions that might include specific quantities and in-order steps to follow. We may embellish or enhance these instructions to customize it to the exact results we want, but we first need to begin with a foundation or plan to start off of.

This is what an individual, private counselor or coach can provide. By getting to know you specifically; what your strengths, weaknesses and vulnerabilities are, a very customized plan can be made for and with you.

A personal counselor can do, and should do, a whole lot more than put you truly into touch with your feelings and thoughts. They should inspire, motivate and do the necessary work of developing strategies that will get you to actually meet your objective. A counselor should not take a passive role, they should be an involved and dynamic one. A counselor has been entrusted with hopes, dreams and goals that are important and should be accessible to you during and even before and after sessions.

This process is essential for the progression of life in all ages; as the parent of a 20 year old boy I know very well that some well-formed and thoughtful stages of progress along with the proper way of communicating is essential. As a counselor (and a parent!), I cannot expect to simply make sense and have it followed; I must communicate in a way that is at the level and capacity of the listener; not my own level!

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