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Hi. Thanks for inviting me to assist you. Let’s get busy on your Weight Solution.

A weight loss strategy needs to be comprehensive.

  • Diets DON’T work!
  • And neither do gimmicky supplements!

I’m spam mailed every day for weight loss supplements and drinks and it is disappointing these shady products make such huge profits off of vulnerable people truly wanting to help themselves.

This is why I created Life-Mind Solutions, to allow people who are near desperate for solutions to access real and effective treatments and strategies.


Let’s get this clear right now:


If a vitamin, drink or so-called supplement were capable of reducing weight it would work on everyone and we would ALL know about it and use it.


The fine print in these products is ALWAYS the same:

Use as directed, and the direction tells you to eat less and work out more.

It ain’t the magic pill or drink that’s doing the work.

It’s YOU… eating better and getting more fit.


If you wanna see what works,

just look at the lifestyles of everyday people who are fit.


Healthy, fit people do not rely on diets or supplements.

They eat smart, indulge moderately and get a normal amount of exercise.


Do I qualify as “fit”?

I am over 50, five foot ten and weigh 200 pounds.

Over 50 and still fit comfortably into clothes I wore fifteen years ago (much to my girlfriend’s chagrin!).


I come from an overweight family so my average size is NOT genetic! I’m a pretty average weight and build for mid-age male—not overweight, but certainly not underweight!


I work out 5-6 times a week for 30-40 minutes and walk about a mile a day—a brisk stroll for 20 minutes.

Because I do sit ups and weights in my workouts, a good percentage of my weight is muscle which is heavier than fat, so if I stop working out, I drop another 15 pounds almost overnight.


Don’t fixate on food:

I eat mostly lean and healthy types of food, but it’s all pretty average stuff and very average quantities.

I don’t overindulge nor do I deprive myself of indulgences.

This is consistent with most average folks who are reasonably fit and healthy.


I’m not a fitness model, I’m not unsightly or physically disproportionate either:

I’m pretty average in build, weight and fitness and I’m grateful to not be extreme in any direction: lean or heavy!


In other words:

If I can do it, you can do it!


A common complaint from new clients is that they simply don’t have time to exercise or walk.


I am as busy with work and personal obligations as a person can be. I do not have “spare” time EVER!


It is challenging and frustrating to take time to eat and sleep, let alone shower and use a toilet!

Hell, I wear shoes with no laces cuz I don’t wanna waste time on tying something I can slip into!

In other words—I don’t wanna hear it!


The healthiest people are also the busiest.

It is self-perpetuating:

the more you do, the more energy your body and mind creates for you.


Your body and mind will adapt to whatever you condition it to.

You will get MORE energy and time as you become more fit and healthy, that’s a guarantee.

It is only challenging in the beginning for making time to exercise and eat right, but soon, it becomes a natural habit.

Same way your bad habits got there:

through repetition!


The key to Life-Mind Solutions is the gradual process that allows your subconscious to accept a new behavior without resisting it.

Get the subconscious on board and you you’ve got the only real ally you need!


If you want to get fit like an athlete or model or to compete in sports, you need a professional trainer. If you want to get comfortably and reasonably fit to look very good, feel great and have energy and stamina then you need to simply have a lifestyle that causes and sustains that.             

LifeMind’s Weight Solution will provide this to you.





It is not possible for a human body to sustain excess weight if it

  • intakes reasonable portions of food,
  • has routine motion and exercise and
  • the food intake is somewhat easily digested.

But we don’t need to count calories or fat content.


Your body uses less energy to digest and metabolize food that is easy to break down. This more energy is available to you for being active and thinking.

It’s not just what we eat, but how we eat it and how we combine.


A prime example of that is fruit:

fruit is healthy but it is unhealthy to eat within 20 minutes of non fruit food.

You’re need to learn you what to eat and how.

You don’t haveta go hungry.


You can lose weight mostly by modifying how you eat the foods you already eat.

Any reductions to your diet should be made slow and gradual. You’re gonna do fine!


If you GRADUALLY adopt a moderate lifestyle of food and motion, you will be fit and your body will sustain normal weight.

That’s physics!




The secret, key word here is GRADUALLY!

The reason diets and supplements DON’T WORK is because they’re designed to get fast results.

And what do we know about quick results?

They don’t last!

And they cause more long term damage than they benefit!


Just like fast food:

  • it’s quick,
  • it’s easy,
  • it’s cheap.


It does indeed take away your hunger and fulfill your need for calories, but it causes far more long-term damage than short term benefits.

We all know this.

You think we like it because it tastes good, but this is a myth.


We only like it because we’ve conditioned—brainwashed—ourselves to like it through repetition.

As your body, mind and tastes slowly get more accustomed to food that is better for you, it will lose the taste for junk stuff and develop a real taste for the good stuff.


A word of caution:

healthy food costs a bit more than unhealthy stuff.


This is a big way the food manufacturers keep people hooked in and exploit those less fortunate.

There are some very talented PhD chemists that work for food companies to develop junk foods that actually make you hungrier and crave their stuff.

Check out this expose story on these food chemists from 60 Minutes.




Our mind and body are miraculously designed to adapt to nearly anything we do over and over, no matter what it is.

The human form has extraordinary healing powers and given the right circumstances it can bounce back from drug abuse, car wrecks, broken stuff, tragedies, traumas…


And I should know!

I’m clean after a decade of IV dope addiction and a three time medical miracle from a Near-Death-Experience with severe brain damage.

I’m strong, healthy and vibrant in spite of the damage.


What this means is that our body and mind will eventually adapt to nearly anything we force it to and this includes crappy food and an inert lifestyle.



Cuz it doesn’t have much of a choice.

You feed it junky food and laziness long enough, it makes the most of it and develops a taste for it too.



It becomes routine through repetition. Your body and mind will not only accept healthy food and exercise, but will eventually crave it too!

Same as it did with the garbage stuff!


We need to program ourselves with healthy living the exact same way we programmed ourselves for unhealthy living: it’s the same formula!


Now… you need food modifications that will make the transition easy and smooth.

By following proper eating instructions and combining that with hypnotherapy you get a double whammy of success!


While it isn’t VITAL for my clients to use hypnotherapy, I certainly encourage it. It is a powerful, smooth and gentle turbo boost to your own efforts.
So, it’s not required to use hypnotherapy to lose weight, but I hope you do because hypnotherapy eases the mind into these transitions.


It’s pretty simple:

You just listen to it and it allows your mind to accept other options rather than to resist them.

Check out the hypnotherapy video if you want to know how safe and helpful it is.


You’re also need CUSTOMIZED motion/exercise instructions to ease your way in to a comfortable style of healthy motion.


A quick review:

  1. Subtle and GRADUAL food modifications, plus
  2. Planning how to follow them: this is going to take a visit to the store and some minor preparation. Real minor though.
  3. Follow some basic and simple motion/exercise instructions designed for your physical body type and fitness level. It’s important to know how to prepare and set up to do the exercises. No, you don’t need to go get a gym membership, just follow the instructions and adapt them to your current situation.
  4. Listen to hypnotherapy audio.

And finally, for now…

  1. If you feel you have to weigh yourself, only do it once per week! In the morning only.

That’s it for today’s post. Thanks for your time here.


Be well…


Scott A Spackey is an accredited counselor and behavior specialist award winning author with clients in 15 states in the US and 4 countries in the EU.

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