A Stone's Throw


A spiritual path for powerful living.

A Stone’s Throw concludes with the supernatural event of my kundalini awakening—the psycho-spiritual force that lies dormant within us all and activates super-consciousness once awakened. When I first wrote A Stone’s Throw I left this final chapter out and my memoir closed with the Crystal-X chapter. I was concerned that the kundalini event would be too much for most readers to process and might take away from the rest of the memoir’s context. I was also persuaded by editors and publishers that it I would have greater commercial success if I tamed down the whole book and made it more generically anti-drug and more about addiction than anything else. I told them to go get f*#ked.

Upon reviving A Stone’s Throw after the horrific relapse episode that was triggered by writing it, I decided to include it, as it was a pivotal point in my experience and progression. I get mixed reactions to it: Some feel it is too outrageous and doesn’t fold into the rest of the account, some feel it is merely a “sex” thing and do not see beyond the basics of the event itself and some feel it is an essential conclusion as it is the truth of what happened and these readers are intrigued to learn more about it. This was the actual intent of its inclusion: to inspire people to dare and explore this powerful phenomena. My other agenda was to simply be true to my tale and not omit anything and let readers decide for themselves what to take away from my story. I feel it is such an extraordinary experience which not many know o or about, so I created this website page to explain it and get the curious started on the it.

The kundalini episode in A Stone’s Throw was condensed. For several weeks I roamed LA in a hyper-alert state, rarely needing any sleep. Lia indulged my impulses in going on quests. I had powerful insights to crimes taking place and was determined to thwart them. While most of these quests were quixotic and came to nothing, a few resulted in my intervening on a few scenarios that altered the course of someone’s life.

Eventually, you learn that interfering with reality is irresponsible. You can try to influence someone or a circumstance, but it is irresponsible to interfere with action or reaction. It is not appropriate to interfere with fate or karma. Everything happens for a very good reason and humans should work within the material plane, not the corporeal ones. You gotta stay within your paygrade!

For eight months I experienced kundalini energy. I could spend a lot of words and time disqualifying, disclaiming or qualifying and theorizing this experience but I feel it is simpler to simply explain my experience the best I can. I am not trying to convince or persuade anyone the realness of these events or circumstances. No matter what I say or how I say it there are many people who will justifiably consider it fantasy or delusion and many who can and will accept it and a few who have had (or are having) similar or near identical experiences.
For those eight months, I had powerfully intuitive abilities. I could sense things people were thinking and feeling and could also sense remote events. I would have spontaneous images and notions within my mind of events taking place. Most of them were very random and meaningless: someone yearning for help or love or someone in trouble or having intense joy. I could not place where or who these notions were coming from nor did I ever sense they were being transmitted to me specifically. Notions and images came into my perception the same as a radio frequency. The radio is not transmitting a signal to me specifically either, if I hear its transmission it is simply because I am tuned into that specific frequency. But my kundalini/mind receiver seemed to be randomly scanning stations and simply by chance, some would come in more clearly than others. Because of living in a thriving, metropolis such as LA, there were a lot of loud transmissions and signals. Similarly, as when I drive along a highway, radio stations come in and out.

But this was overwhelming. Picking up on the magnitude of other people’s thoughts and feelings can be intense. Like if you had that radio volume turned all the way up and several stations came in at once, instead of one at a time.

When I was in close proximity to anyone, their transmission was picked up clearer. Being near to anyone made much of their thoughts clear. Most of what I perceived were general thoughts and feelings, not specific ones. It’s not as though someone could think of a number and I would know it. It was more abstract than this. I got a sense of how they felt, what they perceived, believed feared and were concerned. I was still capable of having my own individual thoughts and feelings too. These perceptions of other’s thoughts did not interfere with my own as I could multitask all of these thoughts and perceptions together without effort. It simply didn’t bother or distract me. The oddness of the experience happening was more distracting than the abilities themselves. These abilities didn’t “feel” unusual or extraordinary. I knew intellectually that they were extraordinary but they didn’t feel that way.

I learned quickly to keep my intuitive perceptions discreet. They manifested so normally to me that, in the beginning, I would speak openly of them. It took several days to realize that people were beginning to assume I was odd and weird and may be “losing it.”
I learned not to voice my perceptions and notions out loud. Over time, I learned how to subtly frame these perceptions in ways that could be construed as normal. I would have opted to remain completely private on all my intuitions but that can be challenging when you sense that someone is struggling mentally or emotionally and you have an insight to a solution that can help them to heal and solve an issue. I don’t wanna walk by a car accident and not try to help!
And not all my intuitive perceptions were correct. Sometimes I would feel quite certain about a future event or circumstance and be entirely wrong about it. The ratio was about 70% accurate intuition and 30% inaccurate.

Within a few weeks, the pain of the kundalini traversing my body dissipated. I knew this was because it was beginning to settle at the base of my spine again, becoming dormant. I did not know how to keep it awakened. I was saddened by it slowly becoming dormant but also relieved as the pain became less. The whole experience was overwhelming and while it was alluring and powerful I also wanted a sense of normalcy. It was a paradox: wanting to remain in the exalted state forever and never feeling tired or fatigued, while my material, mundane mind longed for meaninglessness.
What I know of kundalini and what I’m sharing here was learned well after the event itself. Once it settled back to a more dormant state, some perceptions and abilities remained active. I am not the same and never will be. I quit doing drugs immediately after the kundalini event and began to study and practice kundalini exercises to reawaken it. This is being detailed in my biography sequel, “Throwing Stones: A Ripple in Still Water” which I am currently working on.

    Kundalini is a Sanskrit word meaning “coiled up”. Kundalini is represented by the caduceus—the winged staff with two snakes wrapping around it. We know this symbol to be the modern symbol of medicine and healing because it has been borrowed and plagiarized for millennia. But its origins are primordial (before time) and archetypal (original) and the caduceus has been used for thousands of years in tantric and kundalini yoga.

    The central staff of the caduceus represents the spine, and the two serpents represent the kundalini energy, spiraling through our spiritual-body energy centers. The wings represent the liberation of the mind from the physical form and the top bulb is the crown chakra (chuh-kruh). Our modern healing arts and doctors are mostly blind to the origins of the caduceus, even though the symbol adorns their business cards and office doors.

    Once your psycho-spiritual energy, i.e. kundalini, passes through each chakra, the two forces unite at the crown chakra triggering an enlightenment experience. These tow forces represented by the serpent are the Ida and Pingala (ee-dah & peen-gahla). One is the ascending—upward—current, and the other is the descending—downward—current. Once these two opposing forces join an unite within the crown chakra they activate something of a rewiring of the human organism; you go from being YOU 1.0 to YOU 6.0! The ultimate expression of human potential!

     There are thousands of psychic energy vortexes in our bodies called chakras. Chakra is a Sanskrit word that means “wheels” as these energy vortexes are round and rotate like a wheel. They are similar to a mini spiral galaxy that expands and contracts—drawing energy into it and radiating energy out from it, inhaling and exhaling.

    The chakras are the body’s foundational layer, called the “subtle body” or “energy body”, which all the rest of the layers such as the skeletal, nervous, skin etc., are built upon. There are seven main chakras aligned along the spine with the lowest one at the coccyx (the tailbone) and the highest one being at the top of the head at the fontanel. The fontanel is the soft spot at the top of a baby’s skull enabling the bony plates of the skull to flex, allowing the child’s head to pass through the birth canal and to accommodate the growing size of the brain. It takes between 9-18 months for ossification of the bones of the skull to close.

    It is taught by ancient sages and gurus that the fontanel is the precise location the soul enters the physical body. The Tibetan Book of the Dead is the Tibetan Buddhist manual of reincarnation and explains that it takes 49 days for the soul to reincarnate from one life to another. It is on or about the 49th day that the pineal gland forms. The pineal gland was dubbed the “seat of consciousness” by ancient Greeks. It is located directly below the fontanel.
    While there are tens of thousands of chakras supporting the physical form, the main ones are the seven along the spine. There are seven notes on the musical scale providing the core of all musical octaves and seven base colors of the color spectrum providing an infinite variety of color wave frequencies. The human form is an expression of an individual’s seven core chakras and there is an infinite amount of arrangements of them making every person completely unique. We all have eyes, nose, heart, skeletal bones, yet we are all quite different due to the specific arrangements of our chakras, their rate of spin, i.e. axis, rotation, speed, etc. Once our psycho-spiritual energy is raised and fully opened, Enlightenment, or moksha, occurs—release from the cycle of birth, death and rebirth with super-consciousness.

    “I’m either experiencing a strong, mystical force of primordial extraction or I’m delusional from sleep deprivation and dope hybrids.”

    — A Stone’s Throw.

     Bible Mystery:

    And the LORD God said, Behold, the man is become as one of us, to know good and evil: and now, lest he put forth his hand, and take also of the tree of life, and eat, and live forever.

    In the book of Genesis, God is having a dialogue with someone (who is never identified—though He may be referring to Himself in the third person). God is saying now that Adam and Eve, i.e. humans, have eaten from the Tree of Knowledge they have become “like us” having omniscience and divine knowledge. He is referring to the apple Eve was ate after the snake offered it to her.

    He concludes that if they are not expelled from the Garden of Eden they will eventually eat from the Tree of Life also which will then make them immortal too.  


    Mystics and high initiates interpret this as a codified message referring to the enlightening potential of the kundalini experience, which makes people “one with everything”, becoming divinized.

    There are many who understand the bible and torah to be encoded instructions to become “realized”, which means to become divine—all knowing and immortal. These same mystics hold to the insight that the reason these instructions were encoded in these scriptural texts was to weed-out the souls that would abuse the knowledge and the powers of divinity and to protect the power of the clergy by preventing other people accessing enlightenment. It is certainly hard to argue with the latter as history has shown again and again that the heads of religions, from popes to imams to yoga masters have often systematically deprived others of true knowledge in their desperate attempts to keep power. Many misguided Muslims destroyed other religion’s scriptures, many warped Christian movements censured and altered original scriptures to conform to their oppressive powers and many fake gurus and toga masters exploit their crude abilities to impress ignorant people and demand material support to cult-like proportions.

    Mystics often refer to “the underground stream”. This is a reference to the authentic body of knowledge and history that is accurate. The underground stream is available to anyone who sincerely seeks to know it (seek and ye shall find…”), but it is not advertised or outwardly acknowledged outside of the mystic circles. This body of knowledge and history is mostly handed down and preserved orally even though many books are written by initiates too. As mystic initiates, we don’t worry keep it secret or hidden, we just don’t preach it from the mountain tops, but we are safe since conventional society members who might abuse it are rarely committed or have their intuition developed enough o connect the dots and see its potential. While there are a few mystics that may oppose my own sharing of this information, most of us stick to the literal meaning of the word “occult”—hidden in plain view!

    A man named Gopi Krishna had a kundalini awakening in 1940. He documented his kundalini experience in his 1962 book, “Kundalini: The Evolutionary Energy in Man.” When he was thirty-seven years old he was sampling Tantric styles of meditation, ignorant to the kundalini force. In an instant, his kundalini force rocketed up his spine and bathed his brain. He was suddenly able to fluently speak languages he had never learned or even studied; inexplicably able to understand advanced mathematics he was never taught. Information and knowledge manifested within his mind, and now this serpent power was free within me. Kundalini was running the show.

    Krishna had described the horrific pain as the energy circulated through his body, sometimes coming to rest painfully in different chakras, the same as I was feeling.

    This image shows the seven main chakras: where they are located and the color of their frequency.
    Our chakras vary in balance. For example: I personally have a misaligned third/yellow/solar plexus chakra. My manipura (3rd) chakra is slightly to the left of my spine alignment and slightly larger than it should be in a perfect state. It also spins slightly faster than my other chakras. This chakra regulates “will” and as a result, I have an extraordinary quantity of will. While that sounds like a good thing, it has its drawbacks. A will without balance can be aggressive and uncompromising. The line between my will being tenacious and just plain stubborn is very thin. I often have too “much” will.

    Each chakra regulates specific functions and abilities and any moods or attitudes we are excessive in causes a deficiency somewhere else as the excessive chakra has to “borrow” the energy from somewhere. If you lean to the right, you create a void to the left and vice versa. We need balance to be whole.

    Yoga (the physical exercises [asanas] and the meditation [dhyan]) is the method used to restore balance to the subtle energy body. The more balance there is in the mind and body, the more peace and wellness we will experience and the more effective we become.
    This subject is far too important and complex to fully address here. If this has sparked your interest you can type in kundalini in your search engine and have access to hundreds of sites to review. As with most things, the majority of what exists is wrong or poorly done. I will make a few recommendations that I feel are authentic:

    • Wheels of Light by Anodea Judith
    • Kundalini: The Evolutionary Energy in Man by Gopi Krishna
    • Sacred Mirrors and Transfigurations (art of Alex Grey)

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