(Part III of IV)


Meditation is good for everyone!


Learning the best way to meditate is essential to getting its benefits.
There’s no single way to meditate.

Selecting the right style and meditation modality can be essential to making it work.

In part I of this series, we discussed passive meditation style. Part II we introduced active meditation style.
Neither is superior to the other. Practice the one you think fits you and your goals. And…

Switch it up! Try both and alternate them accordingly!

In this third section I will explain and instruct on Kundalini Meditation. Ready?

Cool… let’s go!




Kundalini Meditation

Kundalini Meditation is a practice to awaken and arouse the pyscho-spiritual energy within your subtle body and mind.

I encourage you to browse my Kundalini page to understand kundalini.

It is an intense and life-changing experience. Many of those who experience a full-blown kundalini awakening cannot contain or manage it and have been institutionalized. Many institutionalized people are suffering from Kundalini awakenings but don’t know it.

In this article, I will share some of my own kundalini driven practices to stimulate and sustain my own Kundalini.

I experienced a full Kundalini awakening in 1992 through a tantric sexual act. This life-transforming event is detailed in my award winning memoir, A Stone’s Throw—The True Story of a Wreckful Youth.


It is unwise and potentially irreversibly dangerous to attempt Kundalini arousal without the guidance of a trained and experienced guru or master whose Kundalini is already fully awake.

That’s not a dare! That’s not a legal disclaimer. It is not a warning. It is an absolute! If you play with fire you may well get burned beyond recognition. The only reason I myself was able to endure my Kundalini awakening is due to my Guru!

No shit.

It may become impossible to function in your life, and certainly the world, once your kundalini is fully aroused. A soul with awakened Kundalini cannot relate to the world or society in a functional manner and the world cannot relate to them either!


This article is not to explore or explain what Kundalini is. Again: the Kundalini page has details. This article shares with you some of the practices I used to sustain awakened kundalini with active meditations once it was already awake. These styles can be converted into awakening meditations and to assist in preparing the body and mind and progressing towards the event.

Kundalini methods involve intense states of deprivation combined with excessive stimulations.

Intense focus and stimulation are polarized with severe moments of abstract, voids of consciousness. In other words: fever pitch arousal paired with blank states of peace. The shifts between such dramatic and opposed states, rewire the body, subtle body and mind to an octave of energy and awareness normally inaccessible.

The effort needed for such prolonged, intense states forces the mind, spirit and body to rewire itself just to survive and continue.

It’s like plugging your single-family dwelling home directly into the whole power grid at once!
The human body is not designed to sustain that amperage. This massive over-amp causes many Kundalini awakeners to become institutionalized.



Kundalini methods are to spark and nudge the existing dormant psycho-spiritual energy residing within the coccyx and to drive it up the spinal nerve channels to the pineal gland, activating the supernatural mind.

This is done through an alchemical process of distillation; causing the dormant, inert energy to uncoil and travel through the conduit of the spinal column to arrive in the pineal gland.

Distillation is a refining process. With each level of filtration your psycho-spiritual energy experiences, it becomes more potent. By the time it reaches the pineal gland it’s hyper-potent. A psycho-chemical reaction takes place when it comes into contact with the pineal gland (the third eye).

Kundalini is NOT a passive meditation, but an intensely active one. Here are some bullet point instructions for my own Kundalini Meditation practices. I am only sharing with you MY OWN developed methods. There are dozens on the web and while many are legit, as with most things web-browsed, many ae NOT.



  • Fast for three days (cleanse)
    • Small amounts of calories through fruits and juices
  • Yoga asanas every hour
  • Cardio 1-2X per day
  • Weight work-out once per day
  • Pranayam (breathing disciplines)
    • Inhalation and exhalation exclusively through nose, even during cardio
    • Fire breathing (agni pran) off and on throughout day
  • Meditate roughly every hour
    • Each session begun with asanas, pranayama and fire breathing
    • Music immersion (Bach, Beethoven, Mozart, Tool (I used Parabol and Parabola almost exclusively and at near deafening volumes)
    • Concentration on coccyx and focus on driving Kundalini to spiral through each main chakra, visualizing the corresponding colors and frequencies.



Think of Kundalini meditation as an orgasm. It functions on the same principles: a state of arousal to climax. The difference is to allow it to recede as well.

Imagine being brought to the brink of orgasm and the moment before ejaculation/climax, all stimulation is suddenly aborted, forcing the arousal state to recede to abrupt dormancy—the ultimate tease.

Restarting the arousal state makes it more intense, yet it is never allowed to fully climax. This is the Kundalini method: to bring it to the brink, allow it to recede, bring it back up a bit past where it was before, let it recede, bring it back up, down, up, down… this causes the arousal state to exponentially increase!

The Tantric sexual practices to awaken Kundalini do exactly what was just described: create a prolonged, exponentially arousing orgasmic state that alters and rewires the psycho-spiritual organism.


To summarize part III:

  • Kundalini is a powerful active meditation
  • Tantric sex and kundalini is a powerful mystical event that requires proper training, guidance and preparation to do safely.
  • Kundalini is a practice of refining the subtle mind and body through a process of alchemical distillation.
  • A method used to awaken the psycho-spiritual self

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