Scott the controversial figure.




These videos allow you to get to know me professionally, personally and even spiritually to feel comfortable BEFORE following my advice and guidance or possibly being influenced by my work.

I’ve separated the professional, personal and spiritual content so you can get to know me the ways that are important to you.

I’ve also condensed each one to a brief slide show if you just want the short versions.

If we worked together via skype or in my LA office, we’d get to know each other over time so this is the virtual way!

Anyone you entrust into your life to advise or influence you should be someone you respect and share similar values so here I am—warts and all.


3 minute slideshow or 10 min video about Scott’s award-winning qualifications, experience and methods.

Scott has been a private counselor, advisor and mentor to thousands of people forover 12 years with clients in 13 countries. He considers it an honor and privilege to help with the most severe cases:

*Social Anxieties *Stress/Depression *Addiction (from alcohol to ecstasy, shopping to sex) *Sleep issues and disorders Bi-Polar Borderline Weight and fitness Relationships (marriage, children, parents… all of them!) Parenting Academics (succeeding from grade school to college) ADD/ADHD OCD


Scott the PERSON: THREE videos (or quicker slide show) to know who Scott is PERSONALLY. YOU have a right to know about someone you’re entrusting to advise or counsel you. Scott’s criminal drug addict life became a life of service to the others. A single parent, world traveler to unusual places and being revived from death in 2013 are just a few of the extraordinary events that have shaped Scott’s wide view of life.

Childhood entrepreneur & rogue! (10min)

Dope, Sex, Search for Truth (10min)

Poetic love, Fatherhood, Death & Resurrection (10min)

2019 Update: Love Lost, Single and back to SoCal! (6min)

Slideshow (2.5min)


Sacred caves in India, Vatican, Mosques, Temples, catacombs… (9min)

Scott is a theologian and spiritualist, having studied and immersed himself in many paths before arriving at his path of spiritual devotion.

“I’ve spent my lifetime studying and sampling spiritual paths. I’ve had ecstatic experiences in Mosques, Temples, Churches, caves in India as a trained mystic, alchemist and ritual magician. God is everywhere. God is closer to you than YOU are now.”

Spiritualist Slideshow (3min)

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