I strongly encourage hypnotherapy as an effective tool to re-condition the mind towards new behavior; modifying old, unwanted behaviors into new, exciting. positive feelings and perceptions.
Being hypnotized is not at all like it is in the movies or on stage.  It seems easy and everyone (yes- everyone) is hypnotizable if the professional understands the client’s suggestibility.  First, a few easy tests are done to determine that suggestibility and then a relaxing, soothing session of hypnosis is used to calm and relax the body and mind.  Once the right level of suggestibility is attained, positive suggestions are given to reinforce the new behavior while you remain aware and relaxed the whole time, enjoying the process.
You emerge feeling refreshed, invigorated and vibrant.  Feeling more capable than ever before.  It’s that simple.

Many people are nervous at the idea of receiving hypnotherapy and are afraid of being in a trance and losing control. Let me assure you: there is no loss of control, you are always aware of what is happening and it is very much like sitting comfortably and relaxing while listening to positive thoughts and concepts that create pleasant images.

There is a difference between hypnosis and hypnotherapy. Hypnosis is used to entertain, but hypnotherapy is used to enhance self-improvement strategies and techniques. I am a not a hypnotist. I am a Certified Clinical Hypnotherapist (CCHt). The distinction is significant:

  • Certified: I was trained and certified at the only Accredited College for Hypnotherapy—Hypnosis Motivation Institute (HMI).

  • Clinical: Extensive training in medical treatment applications is required for a Clinical certification.

  • Hypnotherapist: I am an expert in suggestibility and how to adapt and apply it for therapeutic purposes.


Watch the intro video to sample properly and then use the hypnotherapy induction sample.


To get the most out of your hypnotherapy time, it is best to review these hypnotherapy preparations and follow them. It’s pretty simple and intuitive s check it out:
Prepare for your hypnotherapy session well in advance. Follow the guidelines provided here several hours or a day before of your hypnotherapy time.
To prepare for your hypnotherapy session:
  1. Select a place you can be undisturbed. The quieter the better, but most important is to not be interrupted.
  2. Establish a comfortable place to sit or recline: The best position is to recline. Your legs extended, feet out and not crossed. Please do not be supine (lying down).
    1. Arms on armrests or extended to side, palms down, normal, relaxed.
    2. If you must sit upright then it is best to have your feet on the floor, not crossed,
    3. A lounge type chair or sofa is best—reclined, in a casual, normal manner.
    4. You can even do your hypnotherapy in your car if you can be undisturbed. Recline the seat, adjust the audio volume and take a break!
  3. Prepare your audio device well in advance: test it to be sure it works, that it is charged and that the volume is comfortable—not loud, but not so soft you have to strain to hear.
    1. Try to place it near you. Not on you or right next to you. A normal distance I would have from you if I were with you in person.
  4. Adjust your expectations: You are not entering a trance nor is it necessary or helpful. Deep trance-like states are less effective than lighter states.
    1. Simply follow along with the session, doing your best to think of and/or visualize what is suggested to you.
    2. Don’t try to hard or worry about doing it well. Just follow along.
  5. Do not be full, do not be hungry. It is best to be comfortable without food on your mind. It is advisable to eat easily digested food an hour or two prior (like toast or cereal) and to be alert and awake. It is less productive to have your session soon after the end of a stressful day or too soon from waking. Being over caffeinated or too tired can be counterproductiv
The language of the mind is images not words! If I go to a foreign country and say I want an “apple” the locals may not understand what I am saying. However, if I show them a picture of an apple—fruit is on its way! All that matters during your suggestibility session is to follow the suggestions and listen. Your subconscious mind will do the rest! Once you are given the apple, you don’t need instructions how to use it! You know what to do with it and your subconscious mind knows how to sort and apply the suggestions and imagery provided in your session.
Don’t analyze! You can do that after or between sessions, but not during (or not at all!). Relax the best you can, get comfortable and follow along…

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