Hypnosis & Therapy Vs. Meds?


Hypnotherapy is often more effective than medications and non-toxic. Let’s see how and why this holds up to hard science.

Pharmaceutical companies spend billons of dollars convincing people to use medication rather than learn how to treat their problems.  Sometimes medication is necessary. However, many mental health professionals are often too quick to medicate. Too often they medicate without exploring other options that might be even more helpful.  Here are just some of the arguments that mental health professional have for therapy over medication:


  • Medications cannot address the complexity of the human mind and behavior.
  • Medication treats symptoms. Therapy treats the person and the mind.
  • Therapy aims at growth and will. Medication often creates dependency on the drug or the doctor.
  • Medications reduce symptoms, discouraging sufferers from finding real solutions.
  • Medications do not teach adaptive and coping skills, mend broken hearts or fill empty lives.


In addition, over 80% of those who seek therapeutic treatment for emotional or mental issues such as depression or anxiety get significant results.  This figure is much lower for medication.

As a Counselor & hypnotherapist, I am thrilled to work in a field of service that transcends both mental and medical.  With hypnosis, I can treat symptomatically like medications and causal like therapy.  The mind is the most powerful organ we have. It is “in charge” of the feelings we have as well as the corresponding chemistry we experience that makes our feelings “real”.  With hypnosis, I affect both.  By conditioning the mind, we change the chemistry.


The Results

Hypnotherapy has proved time and time again to provide highly effective treatment and an alternative to drugs.  Anything you want to change is available to you, whenever you’re ready to live to the highest potential.

Hypnotherapy vs. Medications? Hypnotherapy WINS!


The best remedy is the one that works; be it medication, therapy, hypnosis or anything else.  A professional should be willing to explore every available option for their client in an effort to help them.

Personal coaching and counseling teaches strategies and techniques like self-hypnosis or meditation that stay with the client for life, resulting in permanent, positive changes that YOU control.  By applying cognitive strategies and then combining them with suggestibility techniques and hypnotherapy success is virtually conclusive.  The best place to begin is by consulting with a professional to be sure they can explain, in detail, a solid method that will help.

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Scott Spackey is a CA. Registered Addiction Specialist, Interventionist, Life-Coach and Hypnotherapist. 


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