Holiday hangover (p:II)

It would be great to time travel back to the pre-Christmas sales to undo much of what we did and spent. But pre-Christmas now starts on Halloween so that’s a lot of time travel.

The most common mistake (and easy to avoid) is to not return, or begin, those positive changes too drastically. The New Year’s Resolution hypnotic spell is to convince yourself you can wake up on January 2nd and stop smoking-drinking-over eating-lose weight-get-fit in an instant.

  1. Make a proper assessment of where you are NOW
  2. Make a REALISTIC assessment of where you want to reach (target weight, work hours, calories intake, etc.)
    1. Realistic means you don’t plan on going from 40 pounds over weight to fit and trim in 1 month. Realistic means to take into consideration your current status of a thing and then pick the best case scenario outcome in THREE months.
  3. Divide your current status by the time of goal arrival (example THREE-months: 40 pounds divided by 3 = approx. 13lbs a month/4lbs a week. That IS sensible!)

Now the task seems less daunting yet still has a target to be mindful of which is motivating!

to be cont…

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