Full Circle Gatherings explore issues and ideas  beginning  with  the  conscious surface and clinical applications and coming “Full Circle” though the deeper layers of subconscious, unconscious and higher conscious through the psychic areas.

FULL CIRCLE presentations address BOTH (clinical & psychic) so you can attend just the parts you want or learn to synthesize them together. To each their own!

Regular gatherings for people to expand and improve intellectually, psychologically, physically, spiritually and mystically. Full Circle  meets one to three times a month to present insights and knowledge on a spectrum of concepts. Gatherings are informal (my private home) and topics are posted prior to each gathering.

  • Reincarnation

  • Alchemy

  • Ahimsa (do no harm)

  • Wellness (body, mind and spirit)

  • Solve Habits and Addictions

  • Astrology

  • Spiritual Philosophies

  • Depression & Anxiety

  • Eastern Religion

  • Western Religion

  • Ceremonial Magic

  • Intro to Vegetarianism

  • Vegetarianism Eating Workshop

  • Energy Healing

  • Numerology (Divine Triangle)

  • Sacred Geometry

  • Meaning and Purpose

  • Yoga

  • Kabbalah

  • Kundalini

  • Taoism & Zen

Got a topic you want to suggest? Send a request and it’ll be scheduled!

  • Hosted by Scott A Spackey, award winning author, master theologian, mystic, behavioral counselor and clinical hypnotherapist. Scott presents on a wide range of improvement topics from mental, physical, emotional and spiritual wellness as well as living, dying and healing.

  • Gatherings often include guests (local and from around the country).

  • Gatherings often are in workshop format to learn and apply what is presented.

  • Full Circle Gatherings are free but donations are encouraged.

“I’ve been offering improvement workshops and presentations since 2006 in Los Angeles and since 2016 in Seattle area. Recently relocated to Ventura County, I felt a calling to resurrect my live presentations with a primary focus on spirituality and a secondary focus on clinical work. This shift was inspired my Near Death Experience (NDE) in 2013 and arduous recovery from it. I have vowed to serve the healing and spiritual communities in an attempt to awaken people to their true selves and higher purpose.

I have been a master theologian, spiritualist and mystic all my life. For twelve years my career  focused on clinical work assist people through disorders and life issues.. The calling to expand my service has gone from a whisper to a shout! And I must heed the call and create a sanctuary for learning, connecting and healing that transcends the clinical and allows access to healers and seekers.” 

New Year’s Resolution Workshop 2019

SATURDAY, JANUARY 26,     10.00 am to 12.30 pm (+/-)


THURSDAY, JANUARY 29,       7.00 pm – 9.00PM

 Attend once or twice to learn and retain more!


80% of New Year’s Resolutions fail within the first 90 days.

If changing were as simple as making up our minds we’d all be perfect. 

This workshop reveals the SECRETS of the SUB-conscious, teaches how to ACCESS THE SPIRIT and how to rework, reprogram and succeed where you were never able to before!

Evolve your mind, clear your spirit, quit smoking, lose weight, get fit, deepen your character, manage money, reduce debt, improve love or sex or ANYTHING, this workshop is for you.

Your SUBconscious is a powerful force that holds negative thinking and behaviors in place with tremendous power.  Learn how to harness that power and get it working FOR you instead of against you. 

Scott Spackey is an expert in the subconscious and higher conscious: By learning how to tap into the power of the subconscious, unconscious and higher self YOU can take control and make the changes you want AND make them last.

Half Circle: 

  • 90 Degrees: The Power of Your Mind: In layman’s terms you will learn how your conscious and subconscious mind can work FOR you… not against you.
  • Strategies For Change: Learn from a professional the practical strategies to get the results you were never able to get before.

Full Circle

  • 180 Degrees: Accessing your spirit with WILL, INTENT and EMOTION.

 Suggestibility, Visualizations & Affirmations: Powerful tools, but if not used properly, these tools are useless.  There’s a science to making them work. 

                                               FULL CIRCLE: 

Putting it all together, joining mind, body and spirit for TRUE results.



Solve Sleep issues and Disorders


                    Awaken Your Higher Self


Saturday, February 9, 10 am




Tuesday, February 12, 7 pm



SLEEP is critical to our ability to function and feel well. 70 million Americans have some sort of sleep problem.  The only way to overcome sleep issues is to learn how to sleep properly and train your body and mind to do it right. The first 45 minutes (180°) will provide powerfully effective sleep “hygiene” training and hypnotherapy techniques to rest and dream properly. Good sleep allows us to express our true potential in life.



AWAKE: Enlightened and spiritually “realized” souls, like The Buddha and Christ are “awakened” personalities. We mortals are asleep by varying degrees. By narrowing the gap between our “subjective” reality and the true “objective” reality we begin to wake up within our spirit. Once awake, our life’s purpose and soul-mission comes into focus providing meaning and wholeness to our lives. The second half of this workshop (180°-360°) explores the various ways we can awaken to our higher selves.





So how important is sleep, anyway?  70 million Americans have some sort of sleep problem.  Even minor sleep issues can rob us of our productivity and enjoyment of life by small degrees which can add up to larger problems down the line.  A busy person looks at sleep as a hindrance to success, a luxury to be indulged in on the weekends.


But sleep is critical.  Sleep is not something to be gotten out of the way like getting gas or stopping at the bank.  Without proper sleep, success is not only limited, but your happiness, and your mental and physical health is in jeopardy too. 


There are a lot of expensive gadgets, gimmicks and sleep study centers, but the gadgets DON’T work, and you don’t need a sleep study to know if you’re perpetually tired and have a sleep problem.  What is required is something the specialist’s call “sleep hygiene”.  Sleep Hygiene is the set of routines and rituals that “train” you how to sleep properly.  The real sleep experts (and I’m one of them), know that the only way to overcome sleep issues is to learn how to sleep properly and train your body and mind to do it right.


This is easily done and the results are permanent, unlike pricey gadgets that monitor and soothe, but offer nothing real or lasting.


With proper training (and the use of Life-Mind’s hypnotherapy option) you can train your mind and body to sleep correctly.  I’ve personally helped dozens of individuals who were “hopeless cases” who had tried “everything”. 


This workshop will provide you with sleep hygiene training and hypnotherapy techniques.


Scott is a sleep specialist specializing in severe sleep disorders with a 92% success rate.




There are universal events and experiences we understand to be features of the “human condition”; birth, love, loss, tragedy, triumph, death to name a few. These conditions define our “subjective” view of reality. But there is an “objective” reality which transcends our personal opinions or perceptions. The gap between our personal, subjective version of reality and the actual Absolute, objective reality varies from person to person. The gap between Truth and Illusion can be a thin line for some and a chasm for others. This reality gap not only varies from soul to soul, but varies from area to area of the human condition. Some experience objective truth in social areas but pure illusion in financial or romantic ones or vice-versa.


As we awaken our true and higher conscious spirit, the gaps in reality begin to close so we live within the circumference of the TRUE reality. This allows us to awaken to our higher purpose and live in fulfillment as we pursue not what we desire, but what we are meant to do and what is right.


Over time and the more we awaken, the easier we wield the “sword of discrimination” and live righteously.


People have a nagging feeling within that “something is missing”; there is a “void” within that needs to be filled. We sense that something is ‘missing” yet we cannot define it. We search and endlessly sample life’s offerings seeking pleasure instead of fulfillment and come full circle to where we started; seeking and searching more and more.


 Until we have the “eureka” moment and awaken to our true mission we remain unfilled regardless of how safe and happy we may be.


This presentation is a beginning step to align your mind and body with your true spirit. To awaken your mind so that it may hear the calling from your spirit.


Scott’s death and resurrection experiences at birth and in 2013, along with his full Kundalini awakening in 1991 “rewired” his brain, mind and body to frequencies near the end of the supernatural spectrum, narrowing the gap in between realities. 

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