Do you ever feel out of place?

Like you lack direction or purpose? 


Sometimes this feeling can be subtle and we are able to ignore it.  But this does not solve the problem since this feeling will inevitably return.  Every day seems to be a new morning and opportunity to do life better, but too often we repeat the same mistakes, waste too much time and ignore our own intuition to do life in a slightly different way.  Then we go to bed with worry and regret, vowing to do better tomorrow… tomorrow… tomorrow.


It’s important not to blame yourself.


If this problem is familiar to you you’re not alone since almost everyone (yes- even the ones who say it doesn’t) experiences the belief that they could be doing more and doing things better and the result of this is, of course, that your life could be significantly more fulfilling and happier.  Feeling fulfilled and knowing each day we are living to our potential is the one of the best feelings we can get.

So what’s the problem? 


Why do we do less when we could do more?

Why do we limit ourselves when we could have it all?

The thing is, whatever form happiness takes for you, you could have.



Step 1: Define what form of happiness is right for you (career, success, money, kids, love, spirituality, etc. or a combination).

Step 2: Begin by slowly eliminating the things that do not contribute to those goals.

Step 3: Add into your life the things that support the form of happiness you want.

Step 4: Maintain it!  This is the hardest one.  Our subconscious mind is famous for repeating those old habits and choices, preventing us from change.


Every month I am here in this magazine telling you about the workings of your subconscious.


Step 5:  If you need help with ANY of these steps, get some.


As a Certified Hypnotherapist and Counselor I help a lot of people define happiness, set their goals and then maintenance it.  Kind of like a personal trainer for the mind!  Sometimes, we first have to work on things like depression, anger, anxiety or some other issue, but soon, real soon, life can be altered into any form you want it to take.


Don’t wait- each day can seem like a lifetime when you are dissatisfied.   But when you’re happy life is short and you’ll want more and more.  Anything is possible when you’re willing to invest in your life.


ScottSpackey is a Certified Clinical Hypnotherapist, private counselor and founder of Life-Mind 


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