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Project Addiction Counselors (PAC) are state certified counselors with over two years clean time, are regularly tested and have gone through Project Addiction Counselor training.

All PAC private practices are privately operated, but must meet PAC requirements and have been through PAC training as well as pass review every two years to renew their PAC certification status.

Please email me with your location and what type of help you desire and I will personally reply and refer a counselor to you. If you know of anyone who promotes themselves as a PA counselor who is not listed here, please do not see them, and drop us a line to straighten it out.

Project Addiction Counselors are throughout the US and in several countries. If one is not local to you, many offer online, video sessions. If you want a Project Addiction certified counselor to work with, please fill form.

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Want Scott to be your Counselor?

If you would like Scott to be your counselor, he is available for private sessions on any and all issues. He is a “strategy builder”; constructing a road-map formula for you (or someone you love) to reach any self-improvement goal you can imagine. Scott is a Crisis-Counselor and has worked with disorders as severe as schizophrenia, OCD and ADD to issues like weight loss, academics, career, and improving relationships with your spouse, your kids or overcoming social anxieties. He has experience across the entire spectrum of self-improvement. ($345 per session via phone/skype or in person–sessions are at least an hour and sometimes more and include phone/text/email communications outside of actual session time at no extra cost)

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