It never stops.

It never shuts up.

Your mind never quits, quiets or ceases.


An endless series of thoughts parade across the field of your mind.

You don’t know where they come from and you can barely keep track of where they go.

A thought happens and you wonder, “Where did that come from?”, “Why did I think that?  I don’t even feel that way.”


Thoughts are like aimless drifters that don’t even seem to be a part of your own feelings or opinions.


Sometimes these thoughts are critical- sometimes of yourself, sometimes of others.

What someone is wearing or what they just said or how they may have looked at you.

“What did that mean?  What am I doing?  Are they thinking weird stuff about me?  Am I thinking stuff about them?”


These thought patterns; processing, judging, criticizing, analyzing, and inner dialogues can become the noisiest parts of our minds.


How do we stop them?

How do we gain control of our thoughts instead of them controlling us?


Think of the possibilities;

if you could have mastery over your mind instead of it running around like a drunken monkey inside your head!


Yes, your mind is like a drunken monkey.

What do monkeys do?


They run around tirelessly and annoyingly getting into everything and making chaos.


Now imagine that little troublesome monkey being drunk too!


So what do you do with this drunk little monkey?


You train him.

You put him on a leash and at first he tries to struggle against it, but soon he gives up.

Soon, the monkey is on a very short leash.


He is calm and even subservient; ready to do his master’s bidding.


This is what we can do with our own run amok minds:  we can train, control and guide them.



We can make our mind serve us instead of running all over, thinking what it wants, when it wants.

Hypnotherapy and Consciousness Training are just two of the many strategies  to help you be the master of your thoughts and your mind.


You can be the master of your life.


Take control and be whatever you want, achieve anything you choose!


You can break bad habits, create good ones, have fulfilling relationships, succeed in your life and realize peace of mind.

Don’t wait to realize your highest potential, get the training you need to reach your highest goals!  “Change your mind and change your life!”



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