Whether we want to make more friends, excel in our career or find true love, confidence has a key role in success.  So many people struggle with social anxiety, “being themselves” and relaxing enough to “close the deal”.  We know what we should do and remind ourselves that we have nothing to fear and yet… that’s not enough.  We can become the shy, awkward person who misses out again and again on opportunities.

Wouldn’t it be great if we felt we could talk to that girl or boy we’ve been crushing on?  Wouldn’t it be amazing if we could speak up, be the leader at work and get that promotion or raise or increase those sales numbers?  How better would life be if we could make new friends so we could do more things and have more fulfilling weekends and time off instead of the same ol-same ol.

It’s often perceived that people with confidence are born that way, or, that they have some special qualities that allows them to be that way like looks, money or athleticism.  But if we look at the reality of people we see that ALL types can be insecure and people of all types can have confidence.  It’s not an innate (born with) quality.  It’s also a skill and something you can learn.

One of the first things I teach clients seeking more confidence is the difference between ego and confidence.  No one likes a cocky person, but others will be drawn to your confidence.  Next, we learn what is becoming known as “acceptance commitment” therapy.  This is a process of self-discovery and acceptance that teaches us, deeply teaches us, to find acceptance within ourselves.  This highly effective process then sets the stage for assertiveness training that leads to higher and higher stages of confidence until… we are comfortable in almost ANY situation.  At this point, even if we lack some confidence we are resilient enough to succeed through tough situations and still come out on top.

To learn more you can enroll in a Life-Mind confidence training program and/or attend the upcoming workshop. 

Don’t let your dreams pass you by.  Take charge and change your life.


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