If change were as simple as making up our minds we’d all be perfect, wouldn’t we? I mean, we know what we want to be and mostly know even how to do it. So, what is the invisible force blocking our efforts for change?


Your mind is the greatest resource you have for change and success.  It is the power of the mind that drives, motivates and allows us to create our reality.


There are 2 parts to it: the conscious and the subconscious.  We like to believe that we are consciously in control of our thoughts and actions; that we are the masters of our lives…But the conscious mind is only working part-time.  When we are asleep, the conscious mind becomes Unconscious and when we become distracted, by stress or emotions, our conscious mind defers to the SUBconscious.

Our SUBconscious is where all of our habits and conditioning exist.


The subconscious is always working: when we sleep, as we dream and especially when our conscious-mind becomes busy with other things.  It is the subconscious mind that is influencing our behavior 24/7 while the conscious mind is only working part time. Conscious willpower is great; it seems like it’s always there… except when we need it the most!


Our conscious-mind understands what and how to change, yet we often cannot sustain the discipline or commitment to get the results.  We know what to do and why we need to do it, but somehow we fall short.


Our subconscious is like the “default” program that runs most of our behaviors and actions.  If we can master the subconscious we can master ourselves.  If we could consciously decide to be perfect we would be!  But if we don’t get the SUBconscious to support and assist changes, we will fail at changing.


To be the one in true control you must learn how to program the subconscious, not simply make conscious decisions to succeed and improve.  You must learn which programs your mind is running and how to rewrite these programs.


Your mind learns good habits the same way it learns bad ones and with the right strategy it can learn new habits and will also support and sustain them.

Make your subconscious work for you and not the other way around!

The subconscious is vast and deep and a mystery that can be unraveled if you learn how YOURS works.


By changing your mind you can change your life.


Scott Spackey is a state certified counselor & life-coach working with kids, families and individuals for over 10 years, specializing in habits, addictions, relationships and those under 25.   


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