About  Scott

A presenter, life coach, counselor and Five-time award-winning author of 4 worldwide available books

Long story short

Scott has been a private counselor, advisor and mentor to thousands of people for over 12 years with clients in 13 countries. He considers it an honor and privilege to help with the most severe cases:

  • Social Anxieties
  • Stress/Depression
  • Addiction (from alcohol to ecstasy, shopping to sex)
  • Sleep issues and disorders
  • Food
  • Bi-Polar
  • Borderline
  • Weight and fitness
  • Relationships (marriage, children, parents… all of them!)
  • Parenting
  • Academics (succeeding from grade school to college)
  • OCD

Scott, the Professional!

9.58 video about Scott’s award-winning qualifications, experience, methods, and styles.

Watch some, watch them all or even just the 3 minute slide show.

Scott, the Person!

Scott the PERSON: THREE videos to know who Scott is PERSONALLY. YOU have a right to know about someone you’re entrusting to advise or counsel you. Scott’s criminal drug addict life became a life of service to the others. A single parent, world traveler to unusual places and being revived from death in 2013 are just a few of the extraordinary events that have shaped Scott’s wide view of life.

Twilight Zone childhood, artists and author influences, and annoyingly restless!

Dangerous hobbies, global travels, dope and criminal life in 90s LA, fatherhood saves me from myself!

DEATH and resurrection, brain damage miracle, learning to walk, talk and live. Heaven on Earth.

2.30 slideshow video

Scott’s Spirituality

A brief video to learn about Scott’s spiritual values and practices. Scott is a theologian and spiritualist, having studied and immersed himself in many paths before arriving at his path of spiritual devotion.

Scott succeeds where conventional therapies fail because his Solutions:

  • Are “strategy-based” (less thinking, more doing)
  • Solutions are complete, leaving no stone unturned
  • Daily lessons and exercises that reprogram
  • Simple to do, but still challenging to get the change you need.
  • Can be done along with your job, school, family, leisure.

You don’t need an appointment, to check into a clinic, sit in waiting rooms or deal with
insurance or need a loan to afford LifeMind Solutions. LifeMind Solutions work around your
life, NOT the other way around.

Scott’s 4 books have are available worldwide in print, Ebook and audio. He is a five-time award winning author, presenter, life coach and counsellor

I went to the proverbial school of hard knocks. I lived on my own… on the streets, flopping wherever I could…and was an IV poly-drug addict—all before I was even 17. I got cleaned up and grew up and got my crap together. It was brutal. And I had no money, insurance or help. I did it all on my own: meth, heroin, sex, crime—I got out. So I don’t trust or teach theories out of a college book or school. I teach people how to solve problems. I teach how to be fulfilled. Happy ain’t good enough. We want to be fulfilled!

-- Scott teaches from experience

Scott developed LifeMind Solutions to provide real solutions to everyone!