A Stone's Throw-- The True Story of a Wreckful Youth

A Stone’s Throw is where…
Fear and Loathing meets
Donnie Darko
and Trainspotting!

Scott’s 4 time award winning memoir, available worldwide
(Amazon, Barnes & Nobles and most booksellers):


Read by the Author


A hedonistic descent from innocence to narcissism

Into the dark culture of IV methamphetamine, psychedelics, organized drug crime and sex in 80’s Los Angeles.

A sinister, secret society of sex, crime and intense hybrids of narcotics mostly unknown to society. Everything is revealed and you vicariously experience it.

Pot & alcohol at 14, LSD by 15 and slamming-dope by 17.
Scott’s high-school friends became a notorious counterfeit & drug dealing group in LA.

Intense, shocking and brutal to the senses,
A Stone’s Throw teleports you on a journey he barely survived.

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