“Little Alice fell





the hOle, bumped her head and bruised her soul”

― Lewis CarrollAlice in Wonderland 


Addiction is a pathological disorder that affects every society and every culture on this planet and has for thousands of years.

It is far more pervasive than other clinical disorders; it is a defect of brain chemistry, mental and emotional wellness, spirituality and character loss.

An addict is no more to blame for this defect than a person born with mental retardation, schizophrenia or bi-polar disorder.

It is a defect of the human organism that is typically there at inception, but can also be generated in early development of the brain and neurochemistry or later through mental or emotional trauma or deprivation.

The disorder of addiction is debilitating in every way considerable, causing suffering to the individual who is afflicted, their families, concerned loved ones and to our communities and society as a whole.

We should all address it, as we are all victimized by it directly or remotely and even contribute to its presence. 

We’ve come a long way in technology, science and understanding since Alexander the Great’s dispensing of opiate drugs to his forces in 330 BC-   Yet, as a global culture, we still have pitifully simplistic, unevolved and even archaic methods of treating and dealing with the issue of addiction. Drugs and addiction seem to evolve and become more textured and complex every year and every decade,

Yet the recovery mentality is stuck in primitive understanding and in a time passed-by. 

This book will leave no one unscathed— passive, selectively ignorant individuals in society, the billion dollar recovery industry, the government officials and placating bureaucracies and even afflicted individuals who refuse to take a leading role in their own recovery.

The answers do exist, in spite of what we’ve all been force-fed for a millennium or more, and you have a right to those answers.

I am living proof that we can co-exist with this awful, debilitating disorder and still have successful lives in family, relationships and career and we can feel whole and fulfilled.   We do not have to be a slave to this pathology.

I cannot cure mine nor make it disappear, but I live well in spite of it and have spent twenty years learning how and spent a decade assisting others to do the same.

My success rate as a counselor?

How about 95 percent?

The eight to ten percent success the recovery industry and pop-culture organizations “enjoy” is embarrassing and simply not good enough.

Unless you’re part of that small percentage, eight to ten percent recovery success is abysmal!   Addiction is driven by specific defects that find unique ways of being expressed. It is as unique as every different individual who has it.   Recovery is not a one-size-fits-all strategy.

Project Addiction Solution teaches you how to customize the universal truths and features of addiction— for your personality, mentality, strengths and weaknesses.


Addiction is rooted in the sense that something is lacking.

“Something” seems missing and while that something is unique for everyone, there are deep, underlying and universal truths about it.   If we are willing and brave enough to go searching down the recovery rabbit-hole, we will realize many truths that apply to us all—

and I do mean us all

as we are all addicts in one way or another:

We are all slaves to desires, needs and our hopes for a happy existence.

We are all searching for ultimate peace and pleasure, thereby making us all addicts varying only in degree and in expression.

Here you will learn about yours,

or someone else’s,

addiction and deep truths about character and personality.


No one will be unscathed— so, buckle-up!

Each person has a unique personality and so does each drug and addictive behavior.

If we are going to escape its tractor-beam pull we better get to know it and ourselves thoroughly and intimately.

It is well-advised that you read this entire book and not merely the parts that seem specific to your drug or behavior.   There are applicable insights, strategies and exercises in sections that may not seem specific to you and you will need to be a master of addiction if you are ever going to surpass it or help someone else to. 

You never know when a different drug’s recovery strategy becomes the one that saves your life, so leave no-stone unturned!

This is your life:

Others can help you but they cannot do your work, they cannot do your suffering or have specific and absolute truths for you.

I wouldn’t allow a government, another person, this book or anything else to be in total control of my recovery. I cannot risk it.

I have to be intensely honest and humble to remain free from the slavery that held me captive for so long.

There’s only two things you can trust or rely on for your addiction recovery and freedom in life: a divine essence which is beyond the human spectrum and yourself.   

If you are a professional addiction counselor or considering becoming one then I hope you’ll study this book since it exposes and explores the current recovery industry that only gives rudimentary teaching and overly simplistic strategies to a seriously complex issue.

At the very least you’ll learn a few things you don’t agree with, enhancing what you do agree with, and at the best this will enrich your compassion to make a difference and get you to think more deeply and from various angles.

If you’re a family member, this will give insights into the addiction paradigm so you can develop much needed objectivity, clarity and strategy to help someone you love and begin to heal yourself too. 

If you’re an individual caught in addiction this will empower you and give perspectives you suspected were there all along but were maybe giving up hope of ever finding and will give truths you can apply and move forward with.


Let’s break it down:

  • We’ll thoroughly define addiction and look at the inner-philosophy of it.
  • We will define the varying types and stages of addiction
  • The science and philosophy of how to inspire and motivate addiction recovery
  • A thorough understanding of the stages of recovery for life
  • A thorough exploration of available outside treatments
  • The needed roles of the addicted, the family and supportive people
  • Each drug will be explained chemically and scientifically
  • Examination of “behavioral” addictions
  • Road-maps for managing and recovering from each individual drug or behavior
  • The mental and philosophical driving forces of addiction are explored and we’ll even venture into the mystical and spiritual
  • Summaries and revisits to the deeper, driving forces at work.


It is advised to do more than read the text.

Experiment with the actual provided addiction recovery strategies before modifying them on your own.   

It is well advised to modify and customize these philosophies and recovery strategies to your personal circumstances, personality and developing recovery stages.   “Modify & Customize” is more than advised; it is essential to success:

What works for me or someone else may not work for you unless… you adapt, customize and modify it to your particular strengths and weaknesses.

If a singular philosophy would work then here it is: Don’t do addictive things!

I guess we’re done!


Otherwise, we need to modify and customize.

This book does not judge drug use.

It does not encourage it nor do I.
However, I do not pretend to be an enlightened master who has the authority to judge or unanimously decide what we should all do or not do.   This book simply explores the entire spectrum of drugs and habitual pleasures;
the good, the bad and the ugly.
The discussions on “safe” drug using is not to encourage, it is merely to acknowledge that there are many people who believe that their drugs or medications are more positive than negative and I refuse to condescend to them by telling them what is “right and wrong” (no matter how immature and ignorant they are!).
Hell… I’m attracted to drugs too—
Who am I to sit in authoritarian judgment of them?

Let he who is without sin…

or without a desire for donuts, candy, TV shows, sleeping or any other behavior that’s excessive—cast the first stone.

I’m alright, you’re alright… ya know?!


you ready Alice?   

Ready to go down the addiction recovery rabbit-hole?

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