The Habit Master

Bad Habits

Everyone on this planet has a bad habit!
Or several!

Snacking, gaming, shopping, partying, messy, procrastination, swearing …

Most people are NOT stupid. So if they know a habit is bad why don’t they just stop doing it?

Because “willpower” is not enough, that’s why! If changing were as simple as making up our minds, we’d ALL be perfect! Fit, healthy, wealthy, wise, you name it. We know what we SHOULD be, we even know how to be it. But our dirty little habits persist.


Because we need a Habit Master formula, that’s why!
I have spent 12 years professionally teaching people formulas for breaking bad habits and making GOOD ones!



Scott Spackey is THE HABIT MASTER!

Teaching you how to BREAK your bad habits
How to create GOOD ones!

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The Habit Master is available for parties too, on ONE condition: You have to provide the clown shoes and red nose! Dancing and magic tricks are extra and cost WAY more than they’re worth! It’s WAY cheaper to hire him by the hour. You’ll be ready for convent life in no time! 

Stand by for Habit Master videos, downloads and app coming soon!