Addiction Solution

The Complete Guide to the Use, Abuse & Recovery from Drugs and Behaviors

Addiction Solution: A Ninety Day Addiction Solution thru life.

Everything you need to know with daily instructions that will guide, lead and LIBERATE you from the substance or behaviors that BIND YOU!

Complete online counseling program

    Heroin Salvia Ketamine
    Meth Work Games
    Shopping Pot Benzos
    Sex Alcohol Caffeine
    Coke Ecstasy Food
    Oxys Scripts Smoking

    Also available as:

    • 19 Audio CDs, 1 eBook CD
    • 2 DVD (12 videos, 2 hours)
    • 1 print book (480 pages, Pinnacle Achievement Award Winner)
    • Abstinence Phase
      90 day schedule-calendar with DAILY instructions
    • Recovery Phase
      90 thru 180 day schedule-calendar with WEEKLY instructions
    • Sobriety Phase
      180 day thru LIFE

    Custom treatment for each drug. Unique strategies for each behavior.

    Many (most) addicts simply do not respond to corporate, facilities or programs. I DIDN’T!
    Take the Addiction Solution Evaluation to see if you qualify for a treatment faciltiy or would be better on your own with the help of Project Addiction Solution.
    BEFORE YOU SPEND TENS OF THOUSANDS ON A RECOVERY PROGRAM THAT IS NOT RIGHT FOR YOU, Addiction Solution will teach you which to choose:
    • Go it alone by using Addiction Solution
    • Allow family to support you with Addiction Solution
    • Use the Addiction Solution Crisis Package (full solution including live counseling sessions)* 
    • Select an outside treatment program
    • How to GET RESULTS from whichever is the right one for you.
    Would you buy a car without doing some reasearch and finding which one suits your needs BEFORE you buy it? Project Addiction Solution will easily pay for itself if all you get out of it is how to select the right program and how to make it actually work for you, BUT…
    People all around the world are using PA Solution on their own or with their families and solving their addictive behaviors. 

      PAS Premium

      Get complete access to your comprehensive guide to fight against addictions of all kinds today!
      • What Is Addiction?
      • Who Is Addiction
      • How Does It Work
      • Why People Use
      • Supportive People
      • Abstinence Phase (30/60/90 Days)
      • Recovery Phase (90-180 Days)
      • Sobriety (180 days thru life!)
      • Each Drug Is Specifically Explained
      • What It Does, How It Feels, How It Works & How To Stop

      Addiction Solution: A Ninety Day Addiction Solution thru life.

      The Addiction Project is a comprehensive, usable guide to alter the course of addiction. Each specific drug is examined and recovery strategies are detailed from abstinence to sobriety- FOR LIFE!

      The Disorder of addiction is thoroughly understood:
      neurochemistry, mental and emotional to the philosophical and the spiritual.

      Alcohol to Ecstasy

      Solutions for:

      • Alcohol
      • Ecstasy (MDMA / MDA)
      • Heroin
      • Pills
      • Cocaine
      • Methamphetamine
      • LSD
      • Ketamine
      • Salvia
      • Prescriptions

      And cope with Behavioral Addictions & Issues such as:

      • Sex
      • Relationships
      • Shopping
      • Shoplifting
      • Gambling
      • Lying