Project Addiction


I see, I think, I feel… I express myself.

Sarcasm is an art. Dark humor is cathartic.

I’m either a cynical optimist
or a hopeful pessimist.

Life is a contradiction…

Scott ‘s views are his own and do not always represent the views of Primordial Productions. As an award winning author, public presenter and editorial writer for magazines he’s hard to contain. So we compromise…!He keeps some of the controversial stuff out of the published books and broadcasts and he gets this blog page unchecked and unedited. So the typos and F-ups are his own too.

CCB-Managing Editor
Primordial Productions

Blog or Vlog?

Many posts are in reading AND video format.

All blog conclusions have video (vlog).

You can scroll past the video to get to the text if you don’t want your office co-workers overhearing my scandalous rants. 

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