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Sarcasm is an art. Dark humor is cathartic.

I’m either a cynical optimist
or a hopeful pessimist.

Life is a contradiction…

Scott ‘s views are his own and do not always represent the views of Primordial Productions. As an award winning author, public presenter and editorial writer for magazines he’s hard to contain. So we compromise…!He keeps some of the controversial stuff out of the published books and broadcasts and he gets this blog page unchecked and unedited. So the typos and F-ups are his own too.

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Unequal Equality

Unequal Equality Let’s hit the gas peddle on equality. I calculate we will go through a substantial period of restitution and compensation for women and black people and especially black women. And rightly so. The degradation and oppression of these human beings has...

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A radical SOLUTION to stop mass shooting In this youtube, instagram, snapchat generation where every insecure crazy asshole will do anything for attention and the illusion of fame I propose mass shootings go UNREPORTED on anything beyond the local news of the...

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Holiday Hangover (part II)

Holiday hangover (p:II) It would be great to time travel back to the pre-Christmas sales to undo much of what we did and spent. But pre-Christmas now starts on Halloween so that's a lot of time travel. The most common mistake (and easy to avoid) is to not return, or...

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The Day After

Holiday hangover's are not just brought on by excessive food or alcohol. We wake on January 2nd and what comes into focus is the excessive spending and neglect of our normal duties and obligations. We've taken time off work, bought gifts, indulged for ourselves... in...

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New Year’s Resolutions

New Year, New Challenges What are your goals? Don’t be vague or too general. Be specific. If you do not have a clear understanding of your goals then they cannot be reached. We need more than a clear understanding. We need a strategy, a roadmap, if we are to make it...

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